Chinese Consul-General reportedly blames Nigerian businessmen for fakes is reporting that the Chinese Consul-General in Lagos, Mr. Guo Kun, said Nigerian entrepreneurs are making Chinese companies produce sub-standard goods and that the Chinese companies do so because they want the business.They say that during an official visit by a Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) delegation to strengthen bilateral relationships he said "It is a real problem for a product that is say 10 dollars (about N1500) of standard quality, some of the [Nigerian] entrepreneurs went to China, and asked the host to make it thinner and cheaper. At the very beginning, some of the [Chinese] companies were very reluctant to produce for them. But later, you know they are entrepreneurs, they want to make money. These host factories don't want to make for them, to produce for them. Finally they [Nigerian entrepreneurs] went to many factories, at least they can find one or two factories to make for them sub-standard goods and they bring it back," to Nigeria.

This raises the age old question of who is responsible for sub-standard products, is it the illegitimate manufacturer, the importer or both? You can read the original article here.