GH/Innovate welcomes technology and entrepreneurship as catalysts for change in Global Health

The recent GH/Innovate 2010 conference at Yale University featured 200 speakers, including Seth Godin and Jeffrey Sachs. CNN calls it "a meeting of minds." Participants at this year's conference seemed eager to learn about new models in financing, novel applications of technology and good impact monitoring in global health. With 2,200 attendees from over 55 countries, the conference had diverse sessions and workshops that provided original views on successful healthcare-related entrepreneurial strategies deployed around the world.

Sproxil's CEO was invited to lead a 90-minute workshop on the role of technology and entrepreneurship in global health. The workshop plus the subsequent panel presentation were captured by the Global Health Ideas blog.

We're glad to provide guidance to promising entrepreneurs who want to take on some of the world's largest problems.

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