Market research shows emerging market mobile advertising growing rapidly

JBB Research, a leading market analysis company in the mobile space, just released its newsletter on mobile advertising in international markets. As our MPATM technology provides brand owners and marketers with a dedicated conduit to send timely and relevant ads, we are keen on discovering advertisers' interests in emerging markets.The African market may have leapfrogged internet advertising and gone straight for mobile advertising. According to JBB:

The South African market is one of the most mature and advanced mobile advertising markets in Africa as the associated response rates for mobile ad campaigns (10% to 25%) are much higher than the associated rates (1-2%) for traditional online advertising campaigns.

As chief marketing officers craft strategies for cash-based societies, it pays to note that to get 10x better results on your electronic media campaigns, you should go mobile.

Also, digital advertising goes down, mobile advertising is up:

As Mike Wehrs, Former CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) pointed out to me, 2009 has been the best year ever for the mobile advertising industry, with 2 to 4 times more activities than the previous years. According to Mr Wehrs, there is also a shift in advertising spent from digital to mobile, with a 20% YoY decrease in digital advertising spending Vs a 20% YoY increase in mobile advertising spending. -- JJB Research

We will let you know when we launch our ad serving platform for the international market. If you're in Nigeria and you're thinking about starting a mobile campaign, send us your thoughts. We can help.