NAFDAC Launches Mobile Authentication Service in Nigeria with Sproxil's Technology

Last year, NAFDAC (the Nigerian Food and Drug Regulator) gave an indication that it will be deploying innovative technologies to put the power of authentication in the hands of consumers. We are glad to announce that on 02/02/2010, NAFDAC launched the Mobile Authentication Service (MAS) - another milestone in its long history of fighting fakes in cash-based societies like Nigeria.NAFDAC's MAS provides consumers with an easy way to connect with legitimate brand owners as they authenticate products at the point of purchase. In addition to NAFDAC'S recent success in intercepting 100 million Naira (about USD 660,000) of fake anti-malarials at Nigeria's ports, the trail-blazing regulatory authority has seen value in adopting Sproxil's MPA technology to further enhance the protection it provides to consumers in Nigeria, while showing the potential Sproxil's technology could have in several cash-based societies.

NAFDAC is working with stakeholders on sensitizing the public on MAS, and consumers have already started texting to the toll-free SMS authentication hotline and accessing our 24x7 support center. You can learn more about MAS by accessing the FAQ here [PDF].