Welcome to Sproxil

What do you do? »

Sproxil provides mobile product authentication against counterfeit products in emerging markets and the developed world using cell phones.

We provide software and systems that capture market intelligence in emerging markets using cell phones.

Our service provides automatic protection against counterfeiters.

Why does it matter? »

Brand and product pirates in emerging markets pose a significant risk to legitimate manufacturers which leads to the following;

  • Brand degradation
  • Decrease in sales
  • Consumer purchasing apprehension
  • Exposure to lawsuits.

Over $500 billion in counterfeit products are traded yearly, depriving genuine businesses of significant revenue while compounding the job of government enforcement and regulatory bodies.

How does it work? »

  • The consumers purchase a product
  • They scratch and text a simple numeric code unique to the product to a number provided to them for free.
  • The consumers instantly receive confirmation of the authenticity of the product.


sproxil text code



Brand owners can then:

  • Send personalized real-time offers at the point of purchase.
  • Lock down supply chains to prevent product diversion.
  • Access live market intelligence in cash-based societies.

It's more secure than holograms: the booming multi-billion dollar mobile phone market has been using this method for the last 15 years without any major flaws.

Sproxil's solution provides numerous benefits for;


Drug regulators

Law enforcers

Industry and professionals

Foreign donors

Foundations and non-profits

Telecom operators