Sproxil Testifies At U.S. Senate Committee Hearing


CEO Of Mobile Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Company Outlines Three-Point Plan To U.S. Congressional Committee For Making Intellectual Property Rights More Effective.


 Sproxil CEO Ashifi Gogo as he testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary for the hearing titled "Intellectual Property � Driver of Innovation: Making Our Lives Healthier, Safer, and more Productive", in Dirksen 226.

Washington, DC (25 April 2017) – Dr. Ashifi Gogo, CEO of Sproxil®, a global leader in mobile-based brand protection and consumer engagement technology,  testified at a hearing held by the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary. Titled ‘Intellectual Property – Driver of Innovation: Making Our Lives Healthier, Safer, and more Productive,' the hearing was presided over by Senator Chuck Grassley who is chairman of the committee on the judiciary as well as co-chair of the relaunched Congressional Trademark Caucus.

The senator expressed his pleasure at the fact that companies like Sproxil who had been recipients of the Patents for Humanity award from the United States Patent and Trademark Office were testifying at the hearing about how their award winning inventions had helped communities in need across the globe. Senator Grassley noted that innovation not only directly benefits society through the creative output of innovators but through the enormous economic impact it has on the American economy. He concluded by revealing that the Patents for Humanity Program Improvement Act had been reintroduced to encourage and reward companies that innovate and use patented technology to address humanitarian needs.

In his statement on what could be done to make defending intellectual property rights more effective, Dr. Ashifi Gogo gave three courses of action which are:

  • Secure supply chains and educate consumers to drive purchase decisions which make copyright theft unprofitable.
  • To encourage partnerships between global e-commerce websites, content distribution platforms, and law enforcement.
  • Increase inter-agency and private sector collaboration using technology platforms to share intelligence securely.

Dr. Gogo concluded with this quote: ‘Our society needs greater awareness and broad agreement to align our collective actions to reject support for intellectual property violators. We need to promote the discovery of new knowledge and innovations by individuals, corporations, research entities, and various other legitimate organizations, both large and small. I continue to believe that technology can play a key role as we work together to achieve that goal.’

Other witnesses at the hearing were: the acting assistant director of the Intellectual Property Rights Center in Washington, the General Manager Health & Life Science for Intel Corporation Ms. Kay Eron,  Dr. Conor F. Madigan, Co-Founder & COO of Kateeva, and Dr. Neal Gutterson, VP of Research & Development at DuPont Pioneer.


About Sproxil

Sproxil® uses mobile technology and a proprietary fraud detection platform to launch secure, data-driven consumer engagement programs globally. Sproxil's solutions are deployed by multinational manufacturers and brands across multiple industries to prevent supply chain fraud, amplify brand awareness, and optimize marketing spend. With teams of experts in Africa, Asia and America, Sproxil has executed projects across five continents and can offer services in over 100 countries worldwide.

They have earned numerous awards and honors, including the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative Outstanding Commitment Award, the 2013 White House Champions of change award, and the 2014 Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship award for Social Entrepreneur of the year. They were also named the most innovative healthcare company in the world by Fast Company Magazine, ranking #7 overall.  In 2015, Sproxil hit the 55 million verifications mark; the highest number of fielded verifications recorded. Most recently, they were nominated for the Unilever Global Development Award category of Business in The Community's Responsible Business Awards.

Sproxil is the only consumer loyalty and brand protection expert with both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification. For more information and a full list of Sproxil's product suite, please visit www.sproxil.com




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Beyond Organizational Scale : Sproxil Celebrates Launch Of Schwab Foundation Report

 The world is a better place because of the people who have made it so.  A portion of these people are social entrepreneurs; men and women using the principles of business to run organizations whose goal is improving the quality of life. Social entrepreneurs understand that the world is a network of complicated systems interacting with each other to give the results that many accept as reality. For many, the need to improve this reality is what inspires what they do, so they study, analyze and integrate themselves into the system to begin to influence it. 

The process of influencing systems is often riddled with bureaucracy, cultural resistance, and outright antagonism. Sometimes they start to see results, real life validation that the work they do is veritably changing an element of the system. Naturally following this is the desire to scale operations; geographically for example, so that more people can benefit from the solution, thus increasing its impact. However, in some cases that will never be enough. And while their organizations might be thriving by strict business definitions, the frustration that comes with this realization always leaves more to be desired.

Confronting the complicated and often resistant systems that stand in the way of social impact is difficult enough, but some social entrepreneurs are taking an even more subversive approach: seeking to change the system itself. Rather than brainstorming solutions that are scalable organizationally, these social change agents look at how their solutions can be structured to achieve systemic scale. It begins with a reorientation so fundamental that it sometimes requires a reworking of the business model itself or establishment of a whole new organization to address the problem.

In 2010 when Sproxil introduced its anti-counterfeiting solution to Nigeria, a pilot was run with Biofem, a leading pharmaceutical distributor. The results were so good that the Nigerian government didn’t only endorse the solution but implemented legislation that compelled manufacturers or distributors of certain pharmaceutical products to adopt the technology. 
If these results were scaled to cover the rest of the world, for instance, the pharmaceutical industry would be secure. However, even a cursory look at the number of products which can lead to fatal outcomes if their counterfeits are ingested still show millions of consumer products largely uncovered, not to mention the economic loss to brands. 

Even if all governments were as centralized and thus powerful as the Nigerian government, they could not compel every manufacturer to adopt consumer protection solutions. A new product needed to be created with which Sproxil could engage brands directly, with enough value added to incentivize them positively. With the Sproxil Champion solution, Sproxil can engage manufacturers of other consumer products on a much wider scale and influence the system to ensure a lot of brands can provide authentic products to their customers. This is one among many examples of systems thinking detailed in the Schwab report.

As more social entrepreneurs converge around the idea of ‘systems change’ the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship, UCT  Graduate School of Business, has put together ‘Social Entrepreneurship and Systems Entrepreneurship: From Organizational to Systemic Scale’ an insight report launched on the 2nd of May, to help social entrepreneurs  understand systems change thinking. 

Alongside Sproxil, five other social entrepreneurship from various continents were researched, and their case studies, as well as core lessons from their examples,  are included in the report, which will be very helpful reference material for social entrepreneurs.
Sproxil is honored to have been among the six social enterprises that were the subject of this study. We would like to thank the Schwab Foundation, the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and every person who put in the time or lent their expertise to this project. We hope this report inspires you to be systemic in your thinking so that we can generate even more innovative ideas for changing the world on a broader scale.

Sproxil Surpasses 50 Million Consumer Engagement Mark

New Product From Tech Company Helps Consumers and Major Corporations Combat Counterfeiting While Building Brand Equity and Rewarding Loyal Customers

Boston­, MA (15 February 2017) – Sproxil®, a brand engagement specialist for emerging markets, has exceeded 50 million consumer engagements, providing tens of millions of loyal consumers with automatic protection from counterfeit products while securely receiving rewards. Sproxil uses mobile technology to combat counterfeiting and increase brand equity with innovative, consumer-focused product protection and targeted marketing solutions.

In the last year, Sproxil launched Sproxil Champion, a mobile loyalty program that offers consumers convenient, point-of-sale rewards and built-in fraud protection while helping brands set themselves apart from the competition. The tool, which helps consumers avoid knock-offs and make smarter, data-driven decisions, gained almost immediate traction, accelerating the company’s rate of transactions. Since its launch, Sproxil, with its brand partners, has distributed more than USD 2.5 million in prizes—ranging from a few cents of prepaid cell phone credit to a Mercedes Benz—to loyal consumers who purchase authentic products.

"We have leveraged our success in the pharmaceutical industry to develop new offerings that appeal to all brands across a variety of industries, from clothing to automotive, selling packaged goods in emerging markets," said Sproxil Founder and CEO Ashifi Gogo. "Our milestone validates the demand for new ways to engage with consumers directly on their mobile phone at the point of sale, while protecting them from counterfeit and diverted products. Sproxil Champion delivers precisely that."

Large multinational brands in the fast-moving consumer packaged goods industries face complex messaging constraints as they expand to emerging markets. While traditional barriers such as language and cultural differences exist, new threats of counterfeiting and negative brand impact are rapidly emerging as market expansion risks. Cross-border counterfeit and pirated product trade is projected to grow to USD 991 billion in 2022 from USD 461 billion in 2013.

Sproxil Champion's built-in anti-counterfeiting protection enables brands to gather critical crowdsourced supply chain intelligence while maintaining a covert anti-counterfeit program. "As a result of signing on to our Sproxil Champion program, multinational brands have grown sales, regained market share, rewarded tens of millions of their customers and collected opt-in consumer profile data that has driven their future marketing strategy," said Ashwin Dhumal, Sproxil’s Regional Sales Director based in Mumbai, India.

"Sproxil has achieved impressive scale in a short period with service in more than eight countries, covering products ranging from life-saving antibiotics to fast-moving consumer products," said Justus Kilian of Acumen, one of Sproxil’s key investors who helped get the Champion program off the ground. "Our investment in Sproxil has already yielded some of our largest impact numbers, and we look forward to future milestones and strong growth."


About Sproxil

Sproxil® uses mobile technology and a proprietary fraud detection platform to launch secure, data-driven consumer engagement programs globally. Sproxil’s solutions are deployed by multinational manufacturers and brands across multiple industries to prevent supply chain fraud, amplify brand awareness, and optimize marketing spend. With teams of experts in Africa, Asia and America, Sproxil has executed projects across five continents and has the ability to offer services in over 100 countries worldwide. They have earned numerous awards and honors, including the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative Outstanding Commitment Award and named the most innovative healthcare company in the world by Fast Company Magazine, ranking #7 overall. 

Sproxil is the only consumer loyalty and brand protection expert with both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification. For more information and a full list of Sproxil’s product suite, please visit www.sproxil.com

About Acumen

Acumen is changing the way the world tackles poverty by investing in companies, leaders and ideas. We invest patient capital in businesses whose products and services are enabling the poor to transform their lives. Founded by Jacqueline Novogratz in 2001, Acumen has invested more than $106 million in 96 companies across Africa, Latin America, South Asia and the United States. We are also developing a global community of emerging leaders with the knowledge, skills and determination to create a more inclusive world. In 2015, Acumen was named one of Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Not-for-Profit Companies. Learn more at www.acumen.org and on Twitter @Acumen.



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Loyal Consumer wins Mercedes Benz With Chloride Exide

Sproxil Champion offers brands a chance to engage their customers  by rewarding them as well as ensuring they purchase genuine products regardless of the industry. Chloride Exide took advantage of this unique opportunity and decided to run a campaign to reward their consumers for being loyal. The main prize for the campaign was a brand new Mercedes Benz and was open to all consumers of the Chloride Exide brand in Kenya that verified genuine products. There were also consolation prizes of airtime, fuel cards and cash. 

There were a number of participants in this 3 month campaign which resulted in 65 people winning airtime daily, 13 people winning fuel cards weekly, 3 people winning cash prizes monthly and the grand prize of a mercedes benz that went to one person. The lucky taxi driver Mr Kibe in Kenya scratched and verified a genuine product and won the Mercedes Benz. 

Chloride Exide saw an increase in sales during the three month promotion period as more consumers were engaged with their brand and purchased more products to increase their chances of winning. There was better brand awareness during this period as consumers that were not already customers for this company began purchasing their products for a chance to win. This enabled the company gain additional market share during the promotion period and increased loyalty amongst its consumers. 

Is your company looking to increase sales, increase brand awareness, increase market share all while protecting its consumers from substandard products, then talk to a Sproxil Representative and let us help set you up. Fill out our contact form and someone would get back to you. 


Differentiate your business with Technology

Every business that wants to stand out from the crowd does so with technology in todays world. Whether its a little tweak to your sales process or an internal Human resource tool, more and more businesses are looking to technology to help ease their processes or even provide them with a competitive marketable edge in their industry. 

Imagine in your industry, a wave of counterfeiting has hit like it has in the Nigerian cosmetic space, how does your business stay competitive and protect its consumers? Solutions like the Sproxil Champion product enable businesses fight the issue, stay afloat and infuse technology into their processes for better efficiency. How do we mean? The Sproxil Champion product has two sides to the technology. There is the anti-counterfeiting feature and the loyalty marketing feature.

Take for example a cosmetic company called "X Cosmetics" is facing counterfeiting challenges and is experiencing loss in consumer trust in the product, the Sproxil Champion is a solution that can help bring back that consumer and also possibly bring more consumers in the process. X cosmetics reaches out to Sproxil to install the Champion feature on their product and they agree to reward their customers for purchasing with airtime or physical gifts, this not only serves as a marketing campaign for the product, it also weeds out the counterfeit versions automatically from the market. Consumers will be made aware to look out for the label which means the products without labels do not move in the market. Consumers that probably did not purchase the products previously, see the promotions and want to take part in it. This enables the business regain lost market share, gain new market share, restore confidence in their products and most importantly increase their bottom line. 



Once great branding and hard work has been put behind your product, be rest assured that counterfeiters will want to capitalize on your success. To ensure this is not the case with your brand, contact us to discuss about the Sproxil Champion product

SMEs dealing with counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is not a topic that is limited to large corporations and multinational organizations even small businesses face the wrath of counterfeiters. This is becoming a rising problem especially in developing countries. SMEs are said to be the driving force for economic development so in many developing countries, organizations are providing support in various ways to help boost the success rate of SMEs. 

SMEs garnering all the support possible and implementing proven business models become successful and contribute to the development of the economy in which they function. Unfortunately, with this level of success comes challenges and one of such challenges is counterfeiting. 

Counterfeiters observe the rate at which certain products move in the market and if some are faster than others, they invest in production of those items whether substandard or outright dangerous. That way, they mask the products with the same packaging but different content and distribute. When consumers buy these products and find out its substandard or outright toxic, word of mouth spreads and your brand is damaged.

What happens when SMEs face counterfeiting?

  • Drop in Sales
  • Confidence in your product is lost
  • Company loses market share it worked so hard to gain. 
  • Discouragement of new business initiatives in that economy
  • Loss of employment as company is not generating sufficient income
  • Risk of Health and Safety
  • Loss in tax revenue
  • Ban of local products in foreign markets

How can SMEs deal with Counterfeiting?

- Packaging

Packaging that is not easy to replace is a strategy companies use to avoid counterfeiting. Apart from the fact that the packaging is not easily accessible, frequent package change is encouraged. This may seem like an expensive approach but the investment to keep your business afloat is necessary.

- Loyalty reward campaign

Products like Sproxil Champion enables businesses run loyalty reward campaigns for their consumers. No matter what industry you are in, whether you deal directly with distributors or end users, rewarding your customer is always a differentiating factor. Counterfeiters are not able to implement these rewards and the Sproxil Champion technology is immediately able to detect and provide intelligence information to businesses about where their products are being counterfeited because they have tried to fake the loyalty reward and our system detects it. This product also works post counterfeiting in the minds of the consumers as the business is able to draw them in with rewards and potentially expand their market share.

- Brand Protection solution

Brand protection labels like the Sproxil Defender is another solution that businesses can take advantage of. You place a label on your product and consumers can scratch and text to verify the authenticity of the product. This builds trust in your brand and eventually weeds out counterfeiters and discourages them from faking your products in the future. 

It is important to note that you would always need to stay ahead of the market to avoid counterfeiting in your business. The effects of counterfeiting in a developing economy are dangerous and whatever solution would be best to eradicate this problem must be implemented to discourage the industry of counterfeiting. 



Niger Delta Development Forum 2016

According to their website, the Niger Delta Development Forum "envisions a Niger Delta where all persons are able to live sustainable livelihoods, generate income and employment, and create economic opportunities unhindered by constraints from within and outside the market system in the region and beyond."

The NDDF is not just talking about it, they have been taking strides to ensure that adequate structures are put in place to make their vision a reality. One of such strides is their annual conference home and abroad hosted in several regions to facilitate discussions, share ideas and look for creative ways to execute the ideas shared. 

Key stakeholders from the region and partner organizations are invited to attend this event to share creative solutions to the problems in the Niger Delta region in Nigeria. The theme this year was  focused "Towards Self-Sustaining Development in the Niger Delta: Narrating and Showcasing a Re-Imagined Niger Delta" A representative of Sproxil was invited to speak on the topic "Economic Diversification and the Digital Economy." 

Atim Ukoh, who handles the marketing communications for Sproxil spoke extensively on how the Niger Delta could benefit from the Sproxil solution. Citing examples of Sproxil projects in other parts of Africa, stakeholders were convinced that the purposeful inclusion of technology early on in the process of diversifying the economy would make their approach more targeted and yield more efficient results. 

Great ideas were generated and new relationships were built. We are glad that Sproxil would be included in the beginning processes of developing the Niger Delta economy of Nigeria beyond Oil. For more information about the event, check out the NDDF website.

Check out some images from the event as seen on the NDDF site.


Image Source: http://www.nddforum.org/forums/october-2016-imo-state-nigeria/photos-and-videos
Image Source: http://www.nddforum.org/forums/october-2016-imo-state-nigeria/photos-and-videos

How to Boost End of Year Sales with Loyalty Marketing

The ember months are upon us and these are the months that are notorious for consumer spending. Maybe your sales plateaued in the summer months and you are looking to boost sales again during the ember months. What is your company doing to make this happen? Has your company drafted a campaign strategy to ensure consumers are spending on your products and not the competition? How does your organization distinguish their brand within this frenzy? Ensuring your products are in hampers are great but offering consumers a little more will certainly get their attention during this period. 

First you would need to define the objectives for your company and to do this you would need to take into account the current economic situation in your country. What are the current spending habits? What are the trends your company can capitalize on? These questions and many more would help you define realistic objectives and set realistic goals. 

After analyzing your current situation, defining the strategy that would best serve your target market is the next step. Is your company trying to raise brand awareness at this point or just trying to clear the inventory in the warehouse? These goals would determine the strategy of the marketing. For example, if you are trying to clear inventory, you may want to offer a 2 for 1 pricing strategy to get consumers to buy the products off the shelf and possibly clear your warehouse. 

The next step would be to decide on the best tactics to use to achieve the objectives for boosting end of year sales. As mentioned in the earlier example, you may decide to offer consumers a 2 for 1 pricing model and advertise this on radio, TV or online. Your strategy could be to reward consumers with airtime when they purchase your products in which case you can purchase labels to reward consumers using the Sproxil Champion program. That way consumers can be instantly rewarded with airtime straight to their mobile phones. These are some tactics to apply to win consumers loyalty during this end of year marketing frenzy period. 

The end of year marketing plan on your end needs to be solid to achieve positive results. What plans have you made so far? Have you made plans in the past? Did they work for you?


E-Commerce Sites and Counterfeiting

The correlation between e-commerce sites and counterfeiting has become more pronounced in more recent times. Big name websites like Alibaba.com are constantly looking for creative ways to eliminate counterfeiting from their platform. While this is a step in the right direction, it is also proving difficult for other smaller e-commerce sites that do not have adequate resources to fight counterfeiting.

Counterfeiters have also taken things to a new level to create products that do not exist within a company's brand portfolio but they use the company name anyway. Majority of FMCG brands suffer this fate. Due to their diverse portfolio of products in different countries, Counterfeiters take advantage of FMCG brands by creating a new product line which they can argue is not necessarily a substandard product after all they are expanding their service offering. This is however counterfeiting nonetheless as this is using a brand name to market their product. 

How can E-commerce sites tackle this issue?

Strong partnership with brand owners

A partnership with brand owners enables e-commerce sites identify their official distribution channels. This enables the e-commerce sites weed out any unauthorized re-seller so they would not be allowed to upload their listings on the website. It would be advisable for anyone willing to sell another company's products on the e-commerce websites to obtain permission from the brand owner and the signed document should be uploaded to the platform to verify the authenticity of the seller.

Consumer Awareness

E-Commerce sites have a responsibility to constantly educate consumers about being conscious of their purchases from the website. There needs to be effective follow-up strategy for consumers who purchase a product from the site that is counterfeit. The e-commerce website can partner with authorities to track the seller and hold them accountable. 


Partnership with regulatory and law enforcement authorities will go a long way in enabling e-commerce sites put an end to distribution of counterfeit products on their site. Once an example is made of a few counterfeiters, the rest would be discouraged from using the platform. Once a counterfeiter is identified, they should be traced with the information provided during their registration and punished according to the law of the jurisdiction they are part of. 

It is important for e-commerce business both existing and future to remain accountable and socially responsible even within the business realm as the lives of individuals are at the mercy of the their websites. 



How Loyalty Marketing Helps Your Business

Loyalty marketing is a term that has come to stay in the business world in recent times. How can you reward your consumers for being loyal to your products? Why should you even reward them? They need the products don't they? Even necessity products have competition. Water is necessary for survival. So many companies manufacture bottled water but there is competition even within that industry. If water company A offers rewards for customers who patronize their brand and water company B keeps communicating just the benefits of drinking water which company do you think would have an increase in sales? Provided both companies offer the same value proposition. I think Water company A would win consumers hearts with their loyalty rewards.

How does Loyalty Marketing help your Business?

Win back customers

For several reasons, your original customers stray and find other products due to a number of issues. The other products may be more cost effective or your company did not invest the resources in looking after these customers when they were purchasing your products. Whatever the case may be, the best way to win back these customers is to run a loyalty marketing campaign. This entices them with the offerings but more importantly, you give them a chance to reconnect with a product they once loved and depending on whether your company has put in the work to improve the product, you would have won their hearts all over again. 

Build a Database of Loyalty

Do you think that company that supply you consumer information have given you enough data about your real consumers? If you run a campaign and have consumers potential and existing purchase your product, you know they were genuinely interested in the product. The information you acquire from running that campaign is more targeted because you know for a fact that these consumers purchased your product. Loyalty campaigns help your company build a targeted database and you can always approach these consumers when your company is launching a new product or you want to get real market feedback.

There are many other reasons why loyalty campaigns are useful for your business. It helps you build customer lifetime value amongst other things. Has your company run a loyalty campaign before?


loyalty marketing

Three Ways Data can improve Marketing Effectiveness

If you are plugged in, you would have heard by now that data can improve marketing effectiveness. The details may be blurry depending on the environment your business operates in and ease of access to such data. Many companies rely on big data agencies to provide them with information about their consumers. Companies end up spending a fortune to get this information to enable them improve their marketing. How exactly does this help? Does it justify the spend to agencies? Here are three ways data can improve marketing effectiveness.

Market Segmentation

Data enables you break down consumer information into different categories. You can evaluate consumers by age, gender, location, marital status etc and understand why a certain group is purchasing your product versus the group you assumed would make most of the purchases. You have a clearer picture of who your primary and secondary customers are and why. For example, if you are an FMCG brand that specializes in tea production, you may see an increase in sales in green tea because majority of the younger and even older people have been told that green tea is beneficial for detoxing. This helps you plan your merchandise so you can increase stock for your green tea products. This brings us to our next point.

Merchandise Planning

No matter the size of your business, no organization wants to have a full warehouse with products that have not moved for over a month. Data can relieve your company of this burden. As portrayed in my previous example, if the company gathers information that their green tea products are moving faster, they would increase supply of that product and regulate supply for the others to match its demand and that can only be done with data. This also enables the company to switch marketing direction for that product to create more awareness since its moving anyway. 

Customer Loyalty

The price wars that companies get into sometimes sway consumers to try other products. If an organization has done the background work to ensure that their consumers are not easily swayed, then no matter the new price offerings, consumers will remain loyal to a brand. What does this background work involve? Some companies run loyalty marketing campaigns to initially capture the information of the buyer. They then further probe these consumers immediately after the campaign to find out reasons why they bought their product and what exactly they would like to see. If their reasons go beyond pricing and the promotion bait, they take that information and improve their products. So when pricing wars begin, they are not easily swayed because the company that ran the promotion has now tailored the new and improved product to exactly what the customer needs. The customer ends up paying for quality and relevance and is likely to overlook the price to get value for their buck. 

Five Transformative Mobile Health Care Apps

The world has been significantly dominated by Smartphones and mobile apps.  Apple trademarked the ubiquitous catchphrase, "there's an app for that." Years after the tagline was introduced, the statement continues to hold true.Apps have transformed the way that we work and live. Dying to know that song playing on the radio? There's an app for that. Need a quick way to understand what your baby's crying means? There's an app for that, too.

Apps have also changed how many industries operate and thrive, and the healthcare industry is no exception.

When we introduced our SMS-based product verification service(Mobile Product Authentication™ (MPA™)), we wanted to help people actively avoid dangerous counterfeit drugs and contribute to global anti-counterfeiting efforts. We then developed our mobile apps with the same premise, recognizing that the apps have the incredible potential to be a source of education, communication, and empowerment.

While we develop more ways for our mobile apps to bring greater value to consumers around the world, we reflect on other apps that are transforming the way we view health and wellbeing. Here are five apps that truly illustrate how health care and technology can intersect in amazing, productive ways:

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes connects volunteer helpers all around the world with blind people via live video chat. 

be my eyes app helping the blind see remotely

be my eyes app helping the blind see remotely

How it works When a blind person needs any assistance, like knowing the expiry date on the milk or navigating new surroundings, he/she requests assistance via the Be My Eyes app. Volunteers can then accept the request and connect via live video to help.

How it transforms health By tapping into an entire community of volunteers, Be My Eyes is making a significant impact for how blind people live.

Download the app here

Dexcom Share System

Dexcom is a recently FDA-approved app that enables people to remotely monitor blood sugar levels of diabetic patients.

dexcom diabetes glucose monitoring app

dexcom diabetes glucose monitoring app

How it works The Dexcom Share system is a complement to the G4 Platinum Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) System that allows patients to share their glucose levels with others. It even alerts people when glucose levels are low. While the app is particularly useful for parents with young children who have Juvenile Diabetes or children of older parents, the CGM data can be shared with any family members, health care providers, and even close friends.

How it transforms health The Dexcom app helps with real-time information sharing for Diabetes patients and their caretakers, making it easier to ensure that patients stay on top of their glucose levels. It gives peace of mind to caretakers and allows people to take greater control over the disease.

Download the app here


You may have Googled a few symptoms in the past and stumbled upon the WebMD website. With over 5 years of consumer insights and feedback, they finally created an app that gives users the same great health information and expertise we have come to trust. 

webmd mobile health app

webmd mobile health app

How it works WebMD has an app that offers physician-reviewed health content, interactive diagnostic tools, and on-demand healthy living information. WebMD's innovative health improvement program helps people create and sustain healthier habits.

How it transforms health While WebMD's app is an extension of its website, its impact on patient empowerment is still noteworthy. WebMD helps consumers actively manage their health by providing them with objective healthcare information. It also enables healthcare professionals access to clinical reference sources, stay up to date with the latest clinical information, and provides a forum to communicate with their peers in the medical community.

Download the app here

Instant Heart Rate

This app helps you monitor your heart rate wherever you are in less than 10 seconds.

instant heart rate app mobile

instant heart rate app mobile

How does it work To use the app, place the tip of your index finger on the iPhone’s camera, and in a few seconds, your pulse will be shown on your screen. The app detects a change in color on your fingertip with every heart beat and utilizes an advanced algorithm to show you your heart rate.

How it transforms health The app's main purpose is for those interested in monitoring their heart rate during exercise in order to obtain optimal caloric burn. While this app is not a complete substitute for a doctor or nurse, the app may also help those with heart conditions monitor their heart rate.

Download the app here


This interesting app provides step-by-step instructions for emergency first aid situations.

go to aid mobile app

go to aid mobile app

How does it work GotoAid was created for the non-professional responder with easy to follow instructions for emergency situations. There are appropriate responses for everything from bee stings to weather related emergencies to a complete sudden cardiac arrest incident.

How it transforms health This app can empower people to respond appropriately during certain emergencies or life threatening situations. While it is no replacement for rapid response teams or a health care professional, the app has the potential to save a life when time is of the essence.

Download the app here

This is in no way an exhaustive list of transformative apps that exist to change the health care industry. Do you know other interesting and helpful health and wellbeing apps? Tell us all about it in the comment section!

Counterfeit Auto & Motor Part Sales Booming in Pakistan

Fraud protection company, Sproxil partners with Briter Engineering Company to protect Pakistani consumers from purchasing dangerous counterfeit parts for motorbikes & cars.

Boston, MA (23 June 2016) – Sproxil®, a mobile-based fraud prevention platform and consumer engagement technology, has partnered with Briter Engineering Company. Briter Engineering is a manufacturer of motorcycle parts and this partnership is to help eradicate counterfeiting of motorcycle and automotive parts in Pakistan.

The global counterfeit auto part industry alone is valued at about $12 billion a year, according to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Criminals target unsuspecting consumers who don’t have a deep knowledge of auto parts and small repair shops that see the cheaper parts as an asset to their bottom line.

The market for counterfeit auto and motorcycle parts is booming in Pakistan and around the globe,” says Omar Farooq, CEO of Briter Engineering. “Unless you’re an engineer, it’s incredibly difficult to discern between knock offs and genuine parts.

Counterfeit parts may appear to be cheaper, but they end up costing customers more, because often they do not last as long and can even put people in danger,” says Sproxil founder Ashifi Gogo. “By ensuring that genuine motorcycle parts are present in the Pakistan market, we’re not only saving consumers money, we’re helping saving lives.”

As one of the leading suppliers for motorcycle assemblers, Briter is a prime target and has seen counterfeit versions of their parts penetrating the market rapidly. They partnered with Sproxil to put a stop to the circulation.

Pakistani consumers will now be able to verify a product they have purchased as a Briter original. They will do this by sending an SMS, using Sproxil’s consumer verification mobile app. They can also verify online at sproxil.com/verify. (An estimated 80 percent of Pakistani consumers use mobile devices.)

This is Sproxil’s second auto-related fraud prevention project in Pakistan. In August 2015, they partnered with Western Exports (WE), a manufacturer of high-quality automotive parts, to help differentiate their piston and ring products from counterfeited parts.

“We established the Pakistan operations in response to the growing demand of consumers who want assurance that the products they are purchasing are genuine,” explained Ashifi Gogo, CEO at Sproxil.

In India, as much as 45% of motor bike parts and accessories sold are fakes, according to The Daily Pakistan, and their proximity to Pakistan makes the a prime target for counterfeit criminals looking to distribute and sell their knock-off products. In Australia, Toyota launched a campaign to prevent the sale of brake pads containing Asbestos and, including a Twitter campaign warning consumers of the dangers of counterfeit auto parts.

The most common fake parts manufactured include clutch, filters, lamps wipers, bearings, steering arms, brakes and brake linings and are available for a range of vehicles including two-wheelers, cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles (trucks and buses), according to the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA).

While China is the largest manufacturer of counterfeit auto parts, Pakistan and other countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, India and Uruguay are also major producers and exporters of counterfeit goods,” the report notes.


About Sproxil

Sproxil® uses mobile technology and a proprietary fraud detection platform to launch secure, data-driven consumer engagement programs globally. Sproxil’s solutions are deployed by multinational manufacturers and brands across multiple industries to prevent supply chain fraud, amplify brand awareness, and optimize marketing spend. With teams of experts in Africa, Asia and America, Sproxil has executed projects across five continents and has the ability to offer services in over 100 countries worldwide. They have earned numerous awards and honors, including the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative Outstanding Commitment Award and named the most innovative healthcare company in the world by Fast Company Magazine, ranking #7 overall. Sproxil is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

About Briter Engineering

Briter engineering fighting counterfeit auto

Briter Engineering Co Pvt Ltd. was set up in 1987. It was set up at Kot lakhpat with electroplating services and bicycle wheel rims manufacturing being its primary activity. Over the years, the company has established itself as one of the leading vendors for motorcycle assemblers. In 2003, the company expanded its operations. It moved it to a new state of the art facility in Kahna Kacha with manufacturing & storage floor space of 400,000 sqft. An additional 600,000 sqft is available for future projects of joint ventures. Please visit www.briter.com.pk

CONTACT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Faisal Raza, Country Head  Sproxil Pakistan faisal.raza@sproxil.com +92 321 6078888

Branding inspires Counterfeits

It's a sad reality today that great branding inspires counterfeits in the market. Given this fact, should your marketing department tone down their efforts? We think not! Your company must strategically position the product in the market to generate sales. This strategic positioning in todays world, comes with consequences. Counterfeiters see your marketing efforts as an opportunity. They capitalize on the work your company has done internally.

How Branding Inspires Counterfeits?

When a company has put in great efforts and creative thinking into their marketing, they are likely to see great results from it. These great results translate into more sales and growth for the company. On the flip side, counterfeiters see the sales in the market and device a plan to capitalize on the already moving goods. They perform their research and develop a product or something similar but substandard with the same brand name and distribute in the market. You may ask "why not just sell your own product?" They have thought of that but the energy, time and effort to put into branding their own product is not worth it. So they capitalize on brands that have put in years of work and penetrate the market because it's easier.

A video of a popular beverage brand recently went viral. The video has been out since last year and a good portion of the internet saw it this week which sparked more conversations around the brand. The video showed an illegal factory packaging a fake version of the beverage. The comment section was pouring with concerned consumers about the safety of the product. When the video was released, the company with a global presence published a statement targeting only the affected region. The company's statement educated consumers on how to spot fake versions of the product. This approach was necessary for brand crisis management at the time. What the company did not predict was the global resurfacing of the video and the need for crisis management globally.

Counterfeiters can disrupt your business both locally and globally if precautions are not taken. Here are three things your company should do when faced with such an issue.

branding inspires counterfeits

How to handle a counterfeiting situation

Develop a communication plan for your consumers. If your brand has a global presence, develop a global communication plan. Your company may be reluctant to communicate the issue but it is important to do so the minute it happens. It enables your brand build trust with the consumer and strengthens brand loyalty.

Implement a solution to tackle this problem. A technological solution like Sproxil Defender can be useful to enable your company handle this issue. When consumers see you are taking steps to address the problem, it strengthens their trust.

Run a loyalty marketing campaign. Sales are still important to your business. At this stage, you have communicated the issues and your consumers can trust you. You have also taken steps to protect your product and communicated that. The next step is to reward your consumers for remaining loyal during this turbulent time in your business.

It is important to note that whether your brand has a global or local presence, counterfeiters always want to capitalize on it. If your company plans on expanding or even maintaining its market share, it needs to protect its products from counterfeiting. Have you experienced this in your business?

Sproxil and ACC at the NTA Morning Ride Show

On Saturday 11th of June 2016, the Anti Counterfeiting Coalition (ACC) of Nigeria of which Sproxil is a member was invited to speak at the NTA Morning Ride Show which was broadcasted on NTA 2 Channel 5. The nature of the interview for the show was to discuss the World Anti Counterfeiting day that was marked on 8th of June and discuss the activities of the ACC in Nigeria. On the panel we had Nigerian influential flutist Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli, Senior associate at Aluko & Oyebode Nta Ekpiken and Digital Media Specialist at Sproxil Atim Ukoh as representatives of ACC. Questions about the mission of ACC in Nigeria, progress made so far and some of the challenges faced where addressed by Nta Ekpiken. Tee Mac spoke about the issue of counterfeiting in the entertainment industry and solutions that have been put in place to combat the "alaba boys" who are notorious for counterfeiting in the entertainment industry. He discussed a solution that has been implemented to fight this issue. When you buy a CD, you can text a USSD code "*anumber#" to verify if the CD is authentic or fake. The presenter mentioned that the solution was similar to what Sproxil was doing with drugs which Atim addressed and mentioned that Sproxil indeed started with drugs and has branched into other industries that are facing counterfeiting issues and also partnerships like the ACC are great for strengthening enforcement in Nigeria.

We also discussed the bill that had gone through a second reading at the senate for capital punishment of counterfeiting offenders. ACC mentioned that they had proposed life imprisonment as the capital punishment was too barbaric but the offenders need to still face the consequences for their actions as a lesson to others.

The show rounded up with Tee Mac giving the audience a little session on his flute. Pictures were taken afterwards and the program was broadcasted nationwide and even internationally for audiences that have access to NTA on their satellite stations. The message on anti counterfeiting was shared so people can know what is being done about it and if your organization is facing this same issue, be sure to connect with us and we can offer a solution to help you combat it.

Discussing counterfeiting in Nigeria

Sproxil and ACC at NTA Morning Ride - Atim Ukoh - Tee Mac

World Anti Counterfeiting Day 2016

A tradition that was created in 1998 by the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group has survived 18 years of fighting the war against counterfeiting and would continue to strive to make sure counterfeiting is a thing of the past. World Anti Counterfeiting day is celebrated on the 8th of June every year to raise awareness about the dangers of counterfeiting and piracy on all aspects of society. If you have been an avid reader of our blog, you would see that in several articles we have highlighted the dangers of counterfeiting in many industries. From pharmaceuticals to spare parts and even to beverages, every industry is affected by this issue. The developed world suffers this problem just as much as the emerging markets. The question is how can we ensure this problem is eradicated for good? There have been some creative solutions but we can list ways in which we think this problem can be minimized and subsequently eradicated.

Solutions on this World Anti Counterfeiting Day

Consumer awareness to the availability of these products in the industries that they exist. When consumers are aware of the dangers and long term implications of patronizing these products, they are less likely to go ahead and purchase these products. Yes, you would still have the consumers that say they don't understand the harm in purchasing counterfeit clothing, shoes etc. The implications on businesses and the economy as a whole need to be communicated to the consumers as well to ensure they understand the impact of their decisions.

Adequate punishments need to be issued to the offenders and people knowingly patronizing the offenders. Once people recognize that their actions in patronizing counterfeiters and even counterfeiting products itself have serious consequences if they are caught, they are less likely to indulge in these actions.

Surveillance and enforcement need to be strengthened at the borders where these goods penetrate a country. They also need to be strengthened at the source where the manufacture of these fake products occur. The counterfeiters need to know their actions are being monitored and the regulatory officials need to be disciplined enough to follow up with enforcement to ensure there is no incentive in continuing in the line of business of these harmful products.

Technology like Sproxil and other mobile authentication services needs to be implemented to protect products that have suffered counterfeiting issues in the past or are likely to suffer these issues in a new market. This way if the above steps fail, consumers are empowered to fight counterfeiting so it does not cause harm to unsuspecting members of society.

This anti-counterfeiting day is not just another day to talk about dangers of counterfeiting but we should shape the narrative to discuss how best we can fight the issue at hand so in future years we can use the 8th of June to celebrate how we conquered counterfeiting.

World anti counterfeiting day sproxil

What ways do you think we can fight counterfeiting? Share your thoughts!


How to Decrease Marketing Spend and Increase Sales

How can a business possible decrease marketing spend and increase sales? Is there something we know that your business does not. As a matter of fact, there is. The easy answer is Sproxil Champion but the long answer involves crafting the right promotion tactics to fit what your consumers expect to see. Every marketing department is always looking for creative ways to decrease their marketing spend but improve the return on investment on said marketing spend. In tough economic times, this is more of a priority that most. The question is how to achieve this given the fact that consumers tend to decrease their spending during tough economic times. Brands are not only trying to reduce their marketing spend, they are also trying to double their sales using the same amount of money. There are a few solutions to tackle this unique issue.

For example, If brands run a scratch, text and win promotion campaign they are generating awareness of their products and their brand to their consumers. The brand stays top of mind for the consumer and even prompts them to visit the stores to purchase the product because of the perceived discount they will receive. Depending on the modalities of the promotions, they are also likely to participate multiple times in the promotions to increase their chances of winning. By doing this, sales of the product increases without the brand necessarily spending more on marketing.

Brands can also define the modalities of the promotions to encourage consumers to refer their friends to the brand during the promotion period. This helps the brand acquire more authentic consumers because they come peer-reviewed. We live in a world where consumers trust peer reviews much more than the brand messaging so it is important to incorporate creative strategies when running a sproxil champion campaign.

If your business would like to run a promo campaign, do not hesitate to contact us. How is your business thriving in these economic times?

How to decrease marketing spend and increase sales- (1)

Counterfeiters Beware: Brands Have a New Ally in Europe


Italian company Certbrand partners with US-based Sproxil to bring their award-winning anti- counterfeiting technology to Europe

certbrand italy

certbrand italy

Boston, MA (10 May, 2016) – Sproxil®, a global leader in mobile-based brand protection, takes on consumer goods counterfeiting in Europe through a new partnership with Certbrand as a reseller in Italy, Switzerland and Malta.

“Partnering with Certbrand allows us to break into the European market, which is home to many of the top consumer brands in the world, making them highly vulnerable to counterfeiters,” says Sproxil founder Ashifi Gogo. “Our goal is to reduce the number of fake goods manufactured under genuine European brand names.”

“Brands know they have a problem, but many don’t know how to protect themselves,” says Certbrand founder and CEO, Mauro Dezi. “We’re helping European companies maintain the integrity of their brand with technology that’s easy to implement and has built-in incentives for their customers.

certbrand and sproxil in europe

certbrand and sproxil in europe

” The worldwide counterfeit trade is worth nearly half a trillion dollars a year, according to a report by the OECD. Italy and Switzerland rank second and third (respectively) in the top 5 countries whose IP rights are infringed upon, with several other countries in the EU making up the remaining top 10 (Germany, Finland, France, UK, Spain, Belgium).

In Italy alone, over $17 billion dollars in fake Italian goods are sold each year, costing the Italian government an estimated $1.5 million in taxes annually. “And the cost to the brands themselves is also high,” states Certbrand founder and CEO, Mauro Dezi. “Consumers pay $200 for jeans because it has the promise of a high end Italian brand. But if the product is counterfeit and the buyer does not know, then they will assume that the brand is producing poor quality products,” Dezi adds. The same is true for the food industry: many of the foods sold in American grocery stores that have the “Made in Italy” label, like olive oil, parmesan and mozzarella cheese, are not actually produced there.

Initially, Certbrand will focus on selling the Sproxil technology to companies in 4 key industries: Fashion (footwear was the most counterfeited type of good, with over 25,000 reported seizures), food, automotive parts and genuine leather goods - all of which make up the top most counterfeited products worldwide, according to the OEDC, but particularly in Europe.

Certbrand is using Sproxil Defender™ technology, which combats counterfeiting and increases consumer loyalty by ensuring the quality of the product purchased, protecting consumers from fraud and allowing brands to offer loyalty rewards campaigns with instant promotions. Sproxil Defender is recognized as the most popular solution in the industry, chosen by multinational companies in several industrial segments. Sproxil Defender, formerly called Mobile Product Authentication™ (MPA™), allows consumers to confirm the authenticity of a product via text message or their upcoming mobile app. Since launching, they have achieved over 21 million verifications in Africa and Asia.

According to Dezi, there is another reason why they chose to be a Sproxil reseller: “This technology will also allow our customers to increase sales of their brands on the internet by guaranteeing unequivocally the authenticity of their products to the consumers purchasing their goods through the net,” he says. On a global level, counterfeit products cost the legitimate designers and manufacturers millions of dollars in lost sales, as well as the ability to offer well-paying jobs. Counterfeiting also produces knockoffs that endanger lives — auto parts that fail, pharmaceuticals that make people sick, toys that harm children, baby formula that provides no nourishment and medical instruments that deliver false readings.


About Sproxil® Sproxil® uses mobile technology and a proprietary fraud detection platform to launch secure, data-driven consumer engagement programs globally. Sproxil’s solutions are deployed by multinational manufacturers and brands across multiple industries to prevent supply chain fraud, amplify brand awareness, and optimize marketing spend. With teams of experts in Africa, Asia and America, Sproxil has executed projects across five continents and has the ability to offer services in over 100 countries worldwide. They have earned numerous awards and honors, including the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative Outstanding Commitment Award and named the most innovative healthcare company in the world by Fast Company Magazine, ranking #7 overall. Sproxil is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

Laurence Huntley, VP of Global Growth Sproxil laurence.huntley@sproxil.com +1 781 566 0544

About Certbrand Certbrand is an official Sproxil products reseller for Italy, Malta, and Switzerland that advises medium and large organizations on how to protect their brands from counterfeiters and protects products covered by the “Made in Italy” brand. The company is lead by CEO, Mauro Dezi and a team of experienced sales professionals boasting a leading experience in IT, Telecommunications and Management Consulting for major companies such as British Telecom, Orange, Data General and Siemens. Their partners operate throughout Europe and share their goal of protecting and maintaining the high quality reputation of European brands. For more information, please go to www.certbrand.com  or email info@certbrand.com

Value proposition of Mobile Authentication Services

Mobile Authentication Services stormed the emerging nations approximately 6 years ago to provide a solution to counterfeiting. In 6 years, lessons have been learned, problems have been solved and even new businesses have resulted from this initial idea. Sproxil entered emerging markets initially to solve the problem of counterfeit drugs as this was very prevalent. Lives were being lost due to the consumption of these drugs. People were developing resistance to the drugs they were taking because they did not have the right amounts of active ingredients or some were just outright harmful.

Sproxil as well as other mobile authentication service providers developed a solution of placing labels on these drugs so consumers could scratch and text the unique pin to a short code to verify the drug was genuine. This simple technology application resulted in overall positive results in communities. Acumen, one of Sproxil's partners recently conducted a survey asking people in a community to indicate how the introduction of Sproxil had helped them and they had the following results.

  • 53% of people indicated recovery from illness which would otherwise have not been the case
  • 31% indicated ability to detect fake products
  • 14% said they had peace of mind when consuming the drugs and felt a sense of safety
  • 2% gave other reasons

sproxil mobile authentication services

Following the success in the pharmaceutical, mobile authentication services have expanded into other markets. Agricultural products, cosmetics, food and beverages are all industries that have suffered the plague of counterfeiting so companies like Sproxil went into the market with a new product that embodies the mobile authentication service but takes it a step further to enable companies not only protect their brands but increase sales as well. The Sproxil champion product was introduced as a solution to this problem. Using this product, brands can apply the labels on their products as a way for consumers to verify the product they have purchased is genuine but also the brands can run promotions on those products. With the promotions, brands can gather more data on their consumers and market to them more efficiently, they weed out counterfeiters using this service and recover market share.

The value propositions are endless with this simple technological application. As a brand regardless of the industry you play in, there are solutions to protect your products, increase sales, recover market share and also receive positive feedback from your consumers.

Are you currently protecting your products? Contact us and let us discuss creative options for your business.

The Role of Health Professionals in Preventing Counterfeit Drugs

The penetration of counterfeit drugs in the Sub Saharan African market has experienced a significant decline according to the regulatory authorities especially in Nigeria called NAFDAC. [ Peoples Daily NG]  This is as a result of the awareness that has been created about the problem, the implementation of technological solutions like Sproxil and the awareness of the presence of the solution. The power of creating awareness is sometimes underestimated by stakeholders. Given the situation of counterfeiting, it has proven to be an effective method of eliminating the problem in conjunction with other solutions. One of our esteemed partners at Sproxil, Acumen recently conducted a survey to evaluate customer feedback and understand the depth of the impact Sproxil has made. Their questions ranged from understanding how they heard about the Sproxil service to the translated benefits of using the service in their homes. The results were astonishing. 50% of respondents mentioned that they heard about the Sproxil service from their doctors and pharmacists., 17% said radio, 16% said family & friends etc.

health professionals prevent counterfeiting

The results of this survey shows that the health care professionals play a significant role in eliminating the use of counterfeit drugs in the society in which they live in. If a consumer walks into a drug store and wants to buy an anti-malarial drug, the pharmacist hands it over to them. The next step is for that pharmacist or health professional on duty to notify the consumer about the importance of verifying their drug before consumption. That way, the consumer is aware of the possibility of counterfeit versions of that drug and would always ask to scratch a label before purchasing. They are also subconsciously aware of the solution that exists to combat this problem. Which then makes them inform that family and friends and the chain of awareness is created.

How have you been creating awareness in your community about the dangers of counterfeit drugs?