About Us

Sproxil uses mobile technology to combat counterfeiting and increase brand equity with innovative, consumer-focused product protection and targeted marketing solutions. Its award-winning Sproxil Defender™ technology drives revenue and engages consumers at point of sale through brand assurance, fraud protection, and loyalty rewards. Sproxil Defender™ is touted as the most-widely used solution of its kind, deployed by several large companies across ten industries and protecting millions of consumers around the world.


Build trust and transparency across the supply chain for a more equitable world.


Enable consumers and supply chain partners to make the best trade decisions by providing exciting incentives and timely information.

Our Background

Counterfeit medicine is a dangerous, multi-billion dollar problem that plagues patients, regulatory bodies, and the global health care industry. Fake anti-malarial and Tuberculosis drugs alone account for over 700,000 reported annual deaths.

The issue is worse in emerging markets, where limited oversight and access to resources create opportunities for counterfeiters to profit from the lives of others.

Meanwhile, mobile phone technology continues to enjoy increasing popularity, especially in emerging markets. How could we take such a positive trend and use it to address a global problem?

We founded Sproxil in 2009 to empower consumers to help combat drug counterfeiting with a simple text message.

Our award-winning product verification technology ensures that consumers buy only genuine medicine.

While our solution continues to garner success in the pharmaceutical industry, the wide-ranging applicability of our technology supports greater brand protection and marketing initiatives in multiple industries. We now protect products in over ten industries, including beauty & personal care, FMCG, electrical goods, automotive, oil & gas, and agribusiness.

We have operations in five countries across three continents and through our client partnerships, we continue to expand our reach to more consumers around the world. For more information on our reach, contact us.

Company Values


We value reliable, driven, and independent professionals who stay true to themselves.


We are an actively engaged and open-minded team, united in a common vision.


We create a future-oriented, solution-focused, and flexible environment.


If you are interested in making a meaningful contribution to an award-winning technology company and are eager to learn, view our careers page for open opportunities.