Encage Consumers, Protect Your Brand

About Sproxil


 Sproxil is an American technology company that builds trust across supply chains with solutions that emphasize direct engagement.


We launched with a focus on counterfeit medicines

Counterfeit medicine is a dangerous, multi-billion dollar problem that plagues patients, regulatory bodies, and the global health care industry. Fake anti-malarial and tuberculosis drugs alone account for over 700,000 reported annual deaths, according to the International Policy Network.

The issue is worse in emerging markets, where limited oversight and smaller budgets create opportunities for counterfeiters to profit from the lives of others.


 We founded Sproxil in 2009 to empower consumers to help combat drug counterfeiting with a simple text message. Our award-winning product verification technology ensures that consumers buy only genuine medicine.

Nigeria’s food and drug regulator, NAFDAC, embraced our solution and launched with Sproxil in February 2010.

We’ve got a lot of press coverage since we launched!

We’ve grown to cover all industries


Building trust across the supply chain starts with the consumer, but goes all the way back to the factory. We’ve expanded our solutions to bring value to all supply chain stakeholders while maintaining our focus on direct engagement between the brands and their stakeholders.


Our technology products allow brand owners to engage with trade partners, influencers and consumers to earn and grow brand loyalty while protecting the brand from supply chain fraud, including counterfeiting and theft.