Encage Consumers, Protect Your Brand


Sproxil builds trust across supply chains with mobile technology solutions that emphasize direct engagement from the factory through to the consumer.

Our technology solutions allow brand owners to engage with trade partners, influencers and consumers to earn and grow brand loyalty while protecting the brand from supply chain fraud, including counterfeiting and theft.




Sproxil has been deployed on billions of product units globally and has the largest traction in the industry. Consumers and channel partners trust Sproxil to connect them directly with brands and provide them with timely product information at the point of sale.


 Sproxil Champion™

Mobile-driven solution for on-pack consumer promotions, with built-in fraud protection.


Sproxil Ally™

Trade loyalty solution for distributors and retail points to earn and redeem gratifying rewards for promoting your brands.


Sproxil Defender™

Point-of-sale product verification solution that protects consumers from counterfeit products and pinpoints location of fakes. 


Sproxil Informer™

Robust track and trace plus reverse logistics solution to secure, monitor and make rapid decisions across global supply chains.




The response from consumers was enthusiastic. Thousands of calls were made to the helpdesk, some of which helped us identify counterfeit Ampiclox blisters.

In addition to empowering the patient, this innovation also allows our sales representatives to verify the authenticity of Ampiclox packs on the spot, rather than moving back and forth with samples.


A team that builds careers

We are highly-motivated and accountable professionals from all over the world. We are passionate about keeping consumers safe and enabling businesses connect directly with their supply chain partners to boost transparency. We also have a lot of fun.