Counterfeit Auto & Motor Part Sales Booming in Pakistan

Fraud protection company, Sproxil partners with Briter Engineering Company to protect Pakistani consumers from purchasing dangerous counterfeit parts for motorbikes & cars.

Boston, MA (23 June 2016) – Sproxil®, a mobile-based fraud prevention platform and consumer engagement technology, has partnered with Briter Engineering Company. Briter Engineering is a manufacturer of motorcycle parts and this partnership is to help eradicate counterfeiting of motorcycle and automotive parts in Pakistan.

The global counterfeit auto part industry alone is valued at about $12 billion a year, according to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Criminals target unsuspecting consumers who don’t have a deep knowledge of auto parts and small repair shops that see the cheaper parts as an asset to their bottom line.

The market for counterfeit auto and motorcycle parts is booming in Pakistan and around the globe,” says Omar Farooq, CEO of Briter Engineering. “Unless you’re an engineer, it’s incredibly difficult to discern between knock offs and genuine parts.

Counterfeit parts may appear to be cheaper, but they end up costing customers more, because often they do not last as long and can even put people in danger,” says Sproxil founder Ashifi Gogo. “By ensuring that genuine motorcycle parts are present in the Pakistan market, we’re not only saving consumers money, we’re helping saving lives.”

As one of the leading suppliers for motorcycle assemblers, Briter is a prime target and has seen counterfeit versions of their parts penetrating the market rapidly. They partnered with Sproxil to put a stop to the circulation.

Pakistani consumers will now be able to verify a product they have purchased as a Briter original. They will do this by sending an SMS, using Sproxil’s consumer verification mobile app. They can also verify online at (An estimated 80 percent of Pakistani consumers use mobile devices.)

This is Sproxil’s second auto-related fraud prevention project in Pakistan. In August 2015, they partnered with Western Exports (WE), a manufacturer of high-quality automotive parts, to help differentiate their piston and ring products from counterfeited parts.

“We established the Pakistan operations in response to the growing demand of consumers who want assurance that the products they are purchasing are genuine,” explained Ashifi Gogo, CEO at Sproxil.

In India, as much as 45% of motor bike parts and accessories sold are fakes, according to The Daily Pakistan, and their proximity to Pakistan makes the a prime target for counterfeit criminals looking to distribute and sell their knock-off products. In Australia, Toyota launched a campaign to prevent the sale of brake pads containing Asbestos and, including a Twitter campaign warning consumers of the dangers of counterfeit auto parts.

The most common fake parts manufactured include clutch, filters, lamps wipers, bearings, steering arms, brakes and brake linings and are available for a range of vehicles including two-wheelers, cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles (trucks and buses), according to the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA).

While China is the largest manufacturer of counterfeit auto parts, Pakistan and other countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, India and Uruguay are also major producers and exporters of counterfeit goods,” the report notes.


About Sproxil

Sproxil® uses mobile technology and a proprietary fraud detection platform to launch secure, data-driven consumer engagement programs globally. Sproxil’s solutions are deployed by multinational manufacturers and brands across multiple industries to prevent supply chain fraud, amplify brand awareness, and optimize marketing spend. With teams of experts in Africa, Asia and America, Sproxil has executed projects across five continents and has the ability to offer services in over 100 countries worldwide. They have earned numerous awards and honors, including the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative Outstanding Commitment Award and named the most innovative healthcare company in the world by Fast Company Magazine, ranking #7 overall. Sproxil is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

About Briter Engineering

Briter engineering fighting counterfeit auto

Briter Engineering Co Pvt Ltd. was set up in 1987. It was set up at Kot lakhpat with electroplating services and bicycle wheel rims manufacturing being its primary activity. Over the years, the company has established itself as one of the leading vendors for motorcycle assemblers. In 2003, the company expanded its operations. It moved it to a new state of the art facility in Kahna Kacha with manufacturing & storage floor space of 400,000 sqft. An additional 600,000 sqft is available for future projects of joint ventures. Please visit

CONTACT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Faisal Raza, Country Head  Sproxil Pakistan +92 321 6078888

Branding inspires Counterfeits

It's a sad reality today that great branding inspires counterfeits in the market. Given this fact, should your marketing department tone down their efforts? We think not! Your company must strategically position the product in the market to generate sales. This strategic positioning in todays world, comes with consequences. Counterfeiters see your marketing efforts as an opportunity. They capitalize on the work your company has done internally.

How Branding Inspires Counterfeits?

When a company has put in great efforts and creative thinking into their marketing, they are likely to see great results from it. These great results translate into more sales and growth for the company. On the flip side, counterfeiters see the sales in the market and device a plan to capitalize on the already moving goods. They perform their research and develop a product or something similar but substandard with the same brand name and distribute in the market. You may ask "why not just sell your own product?" They have thought of that but the energy, time and effort to put into branding their own product is not worth it. So they capitalize on brands that have put in years of work and penetrate the market because it's easier.

A video of a popular beverage brand recently went viral. The video has been out since last year and a good portion of the internet saw it this week which sparked more conversations around the brand. The video showed an illegal factory packaging a fake version of the beverage. The comment section was pouring with concerned consumers about the safety of the product. When the video was released, the company with a global presence published a statement targeting only the affected region. The company's statement educated consumers on how to spot fake versions of the product. This approach was necessary for brand crisis management at the time. What the company did not predict was the global resurfacing of the video and the need for crisis management globally.

Counterfeiters can disrupt your business both locally and globally if precautions are not taken. Here are three things your company should do when faced with such an issue.

branding inspires counterfeits

How to handle a counterfeiting situation

Develop a communication plan for your consumers. If your brand has a global presence, develop a global communication plan. Your company may be reluctant to communicate the issue but it is important to do so the minute it happens. It enables your brand build trust with the consumer and strengthens brand loyalty.

Implement a solution to tackle this problem. A technological solution like Sproxil Defender can be useful to enable your company handle this issue. When consumers see you are taking steps to address the problem, it strengthens their trust.

Run a loyalty marketing campaign. Sales are still important to your business. At this stage, you have communicated the issues and your consumers can trust you. You have also taken steps to protect your product and communicated that. The next step is to reward your consumers for remaining loyal during this turbulent time in your business.

It is important to note that whether your brand has a global or local presence, counterfeiters always want to capitalize on it. If your company plans on expanding or even maintaining its market share, it needs to protect its products from counterfeiting. Have you experienced this in your business?

Sproxil and ACC at the NTA Morning Ride Show

On Saturday 11th of June 2016, the Anti Counterfeiting Coalition (ACC) of Nigeria of which Sproxil is a member was invited to speak at the NTA Morning Ride Show which was broadcasted on NTA 2 Channel 5. The nature of the interview for the show was to discuss the World Anti Counterfeiting day that was marked on 8th of June and discuss the activities of the ACC in Nigeria. On the panel we had Nigerian influential flutist Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli, Senior associate at Aluko & Oyebode Nta Ekpiken and Digital Media Specialist at Sproxil Atim Ukoh as representatives of ACC. Questions about the mission of ACC in Nigeria, progress made so far and some of the challenges faced where addressed by Nta Ekpiken. Tee Mac spoke about the issue of counterfeiting in the entertainment industry and solutions that have been put in place to combat the "alaba boys" who are notorious for counterfeiting in the entertainment industry. He discussed a solution that has been implemented to fight this issue. When you buy a CD, you can text a USSD code "*anumber#" to verify if the CD is authentic or fake. The presenter mentioned that the solution was similar to what Sproxil was doing with drugs which Atim addressed and mentioned that Sproxil indeed started with drugs and has branched into other industries that are facing counterfeiting issues and also partnerships like the ACC are great for strengthening enforcement in Nigeria.

We also discussed the bill that had gone through a second reading at the senate for capital punishment of counterfeiting offenders. ACC mentioned that they had proposed life imprisonment as the capital punishment was too barbaric but the offenders need to still face the consequences for their actions as a lesson to others.

The show rounded up with Tee Mac giving the audience a little session on his flute. Pictures were taken afterwards and the program was broadcasted nationwide and even internationally for audiences that have access to NTA on their satellite stations. The message on anti counterfeiting was shared so people can know what is being done about it and if your organization is facing this same issue, be sure to connect with us and we can offer a solution to help you combat it.

Discussing counterfeiting in Nigeria

Sproxil and ACC at NTA Morning Ride - Atim Ukoh - Tee Mac

World Anti Counterfeiting Day 2016

A tradition that was created in 1998 by the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group has survived 18 years of fighting the war against counterfeiting and would continue to strive to make sure counterfeiting is a thing of the past. World Anti Counterfeiting day is celebrated on the 8th of June every year to raise awareness about the dangers of counterfeiting and piracy on all aspects of society. If you have been an avid reader of our blog, you would see that in several articles we have highlighted the dangers of counterfeiting in many industries. From pharmaceuticals to spare parts and even to beverages, every industry is affected by this issue. The developed world suffers this problem just as much as the emerging markets. The question is how can we ensure this problem is eradicated for good? There have been some creative solutions but we can list ways in which we think this problem can be minimized and subsequently eradicated.

Solutions on this World Anti Counterfeiting Day

Consumer awareness to the availability of these products in the industries that they exist. When consumers are aware of the dangers and long term implications of patronizing these products, they are less likely to go ahead and purchase these products. Yes, you would still have the consumers that say they don't understand the harm in purchasing counterfeit clothing, shoes etc. The implications on businesses and the economy as a whole need to be communicated to the consumers as well to ensure they understand the impact of their decisions.

Adequate punishments need to be issued to the offenders and people knowingly patronizing the offenders. Once people recognize that their actions in patronizing counterfeiters and even counterfeiting products itself have serious consequences if they are caught, they are less likely to indulge in these actions.

Surveillance and enforcement need to be strengthened at the borders where these goods penetrate a country. They also need to be strengthened at the source where the manufacture of these fake products occur. The counterfeiters need to know their actions are being monitored and the regulatory officials need to be disciplined enough to follow up with enforcement to ensure there is no incentive in continuing in the line of business of these harmful products.

Technology like Sproxil and other mobile authentication services needs to be implemented to protect products that have suffered counterfeiting issues in the past or are likely to suffer these issues in a new market. This way if the above steps fail, consumers are empowered to fight counterfeiting so it does not cause harm to unsuspecting members of society.

This anti-counterfeiting day is not just another day to talk about dangers of counterfeiting but we should shape the narrative to discuss how best we can fight the issue at hand so in future years we can use the 8th of June to celebrate how we conquered counterfeiting.

World anti counterfeiting day sproxil

What ways do you think we can fight counterfeiting? Share your thoughts!


How to Decrease Marketing Spend and Increase Sales

How can a business possible decrease marketing spend and increase sales? Is there something we know that your business does not. As a matter of fact, there is. The easy answer is Sproxil Champion but the long answer involves crafting the right promotion tactics to fit what your consumers expect to see. Every marketing department is always looking for creative ways to decrease their marketing spend but improve the return on investment on said marketing spend. In tough economic times, this is more of a priority that most. The question is how to achieve this given the fact that consumers tend to decrease their spending during tough economic times. Brands are not only trying to reduce their marketing spend, they are also trying to double their sales using the same amount of money. There are a few solutions to tackle this unique issue.

For example, If brands run a scratch, text and win promotion campaign they are generating awareness of their products and their brand to their consumers. The brand stays top of mind for the consumer and even prompts them to visit the stores to purchase the product because of the perceived discount they will receive. Depending on the modalities of the promotions, they are also likely to participate multiple times in the promotions to increase their chances of winning. By doing this, sales of the product increases without the brand necessarily spending more on marketing.

Brands can also define the modalities of the promotions to encourage consumers to refer their friends to the brand during the promotion period. This helps the brand acquire more authentic consumers because they come peer-reviewed. We live in a world where consumers trust peer reviews much more than the brand messaging so it is important to incorporate creative strategies when running a sproxil champion campaign.

If your business would like to run a promo campaign, do not hesitate to contact us. How is your business thriving in these economic times?

How to decrease marketing spend and increase sales- (1)

Counterfeiters Beware: Brands Have a New Ally in Europe


Italian company Certbrand partners with US-based Sproxil to bring their award-winning anti- counterfeiting technology to Europe

certbrand italy

certbrand italy

Boston, MA (10 May, 2016) – Sproxil®, a global leader in mobile-based brand protection, takes on consumer goods counterfeiting in Europe through a new partnership with Certbrand as a reseller in Italy, Switzerland and Malta.

“Partnering with Certbrand allows us to break into the European market, which is home to many of the top consumer brands in the world, making them highly vulnerable to counterfeiters,” says Sproxil founder Ashifi Gogo. “Our goal is to reduce the number of fake goods manufactured under genuine European brand names.”

“Brands know they have a problem, but many don’t know how to protect themselves,” says Certbrand founder and CEO, Mauro Dezi. “We’re helping European companies maintain the integrity of their brand with technology that’s easy to implement and has built-in incentives for their customers.

certbrand and sproxil in europe

certbrand and sproxil in europe

” The worldwide counterfeit trade is worth nearly half a trillion dollars a year, according to a report by the OECD. Italy and Switzerland rank second and third (respectively) in the top 5 countries whose IP rights are infringed upon, with several other countries in the EU making up the remaining top 10 (Germany, Finland, France, UK, Spain, Belgium).

In Italy alone, over $17 billion dollars in fake Italian goods are sold each year, costing the Italian government an estimated $1.5 million in taxes annually. “And the cost to the brands themselves is also high,” states Certbrand founder and CEO, Mauro Dezi. “Consumers pay $200 for jeans because it has the promise of a high end Italian brand. But if the product is counterfeit and the buyer does not know, then they will assume that the brand is producing poor quality products,” Dezi adds. The same is true for the food industry: many of the foods sold in American grocery stores that have the “Made in Italy” label, like olive oil, parmesan and mozzarella cheese, are not actually produced there.

Initially, Certbrand will focus on selling the Sproxil technology to companies in 4 key industries: Fashion (footwear was the most counterfeited type of good, with over 25,000 reported seizures), food, automotive parts and genuine leather goods - all of which make up the top most counterfeited products worldwide, according to the OEDC, but particularly in Europe.

Certbrand is using Sproxil Defender™ technology, which combats counterfeiting and increases consumer loyalty by ensuring the quality of the product purchased, protecting consumers from fraud and allowing brands to offer loyalty rewards campaigns with instant promotions. Sproxil Defender is recognized as the most popular solution in the industry, chosen by multinational companies in several industrial segments. Sproxil Defender, formerly called Mobile Product Authentication™ (MPA™), allows consumers to confirm the authenticity of a product via text message or their upcoming mobile app. Since launching, they have achieved over 21 million verifications in Africa and Asia.

According to Dezi, there is another reason why they chose to be a Sproxil reseller: “This technology will also allow our customers to increase sales of their brands on the internet by guaranteeing unequivocally the authenticity of their products to the consumers purchasing their goods through the net,” he says. On a global level, counterfeit products cost the legitimate designers and manufacturers millions of dollars in lost sales, as well as the ability to offer well-paying jobs. Counterfeiting also produces knockoffs that endanger lives — auto parts that fail, pharmaceuticals that make people sick, toys that harm children, baby formula that provides no nourishment and medical instruments that deliver false readings.


About Sproxil® Sproxil® uses mobile technology and a proprietary fraud detection platform to launch secure, data-driven consumer engagement programs globally. Sproxil’s solutions are deployed by multinational manufacturers and brands across multiple industries to prevent supply chain fraud, amplify brand awareness, and optimize marketing spend. With teams of experts in Africa, Asia and America, Sproxil has executed projects across five continents and has the ability to offer services in over 100 countries worldwide. They have earned numerous awards and honors, including the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative Outstanding Commitment Award and named the most innovative healthcare company in the world by Fast Company Magazine, ranking #7 overall. Sproxil is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

Laurence Huntley, VP of Global Growth Sproxil +1 781 566 0544

About Certbrand Certbrand is an official Sproxil products reseller for Italy, Malta, and Switzerland that advises medium and large organizations on how to protect their brands from counterfeiters and protects products covered by the “Made in Italy” brand. The company is lead by CEO, Mauro Dezi and a team of experienced sales professionals boasting a leading experience in IT, Telecommunications and Management Consulting for major companies such as British Telecom, Orange, Data General and Siemens. Their partners operate throughout Europe and share their goal of protecting and maintaining the high quality reputation of European brands. For more information, please go to  or email

Value proposition of Mobile Authentication Services

Mobile Authentication Services stormed the emerging nations approximately 6 years ago to provide a solution to counterfeiting. In 6 years, lessons have been learned, problems have been solved and even new businesses have resulted from this initial idea. Sproxil entered emerging markets initially to solve the problem of counterfeit drugs as this was very prevalent. Lives were being lost due to the consumption of these drugs. People were developing resistance to the drugs they were taking because they did not have the right amounts of active ingredients or some were just outright harmful.

Sproxil as well as other mobile authentication service providers developed a solution of placing labels on these drugs so consumers could scratch and text the unique pin to a short code to verify the drug was genuine. This simple technology application resulted in overall positive results in communities. Acumen, one of Sproxil's partners recently conducted a survey asking people in a community to indicate how the introduction of Sproxil had helped them and they had the following results.

  • 53% of people indicated recovery from illness which would otherwise have not been the case
  • 31% indicated ability to detect fake products
  • 14% said they had peace of mind when consuming the drugs and felt a sense of safety
  • 2% gave other reasons

sproxil mobile authentication services

Following the success in the pharmaceutical, mobile authentication services have expanded into other markets. Agricultural products, cosmetics, food and beverages are all industries that have suffered the plague of counterfeiting so companies like Sproxil went into the market with a new product that embodies the mobile authentication service but takes it a step further to enable companies not only protect their brands but increase sales as well. The Sproxil champion product was introduced as a solution to this problem. Using this product, brands can apply the labels on their products as a way for consumers to verify the product they have purchased is genuine but also the brands can run promotions on those products. With the promotions, brands can gather more data on their consumers and market to them more efficiently, they weed out counterfeiters using this service and recover market share.

The value propositions are endless with this simple technological application. As a brand regardless of the industry you play in, there are solutions to protect your products, increase sales, recover market share and also receive positive feedback from your consumers.

Are you currently protecting your products? Contact us and let us discuss creative options for your business.

The Role of Health Professionals in Preventing Counterfeit Drugs

The penetration of counterfeit drugs in the Sub Saharan African market has experienced a significant decline according to the regulatory authorities especially in Nigeria called NAFDAC. [ Peoples Daily NG]  This is as a result of the awareness that has been created about the problem, the implementation of technological solutions like Sproxil and the awareness of the presence of the solution. The power of creating awareness is sometimes underestimated by stakeholders. Given the situation of counterfeiting, it has proven to be an effective method of eliminating the problem in conjunction with other solutions. One of our esteemed partners at Sproxil, Acumen recently conducted a survey to evaluate customer feedback and understand the depth of the impact Sproxil has made. Their questions ranged from understanding how they heard about the Sproxil service to the translated benefits of using the service in their homes. The results were astonishing. 50% of respondents mentioned that they heard about the Sproxil service from their doctors and pharmacists., 17% said radio, 16% said family & friends etc.

health professionals prevent counterfeiting

The results of this survey shows that the health care professionals play a significant role in eliminating the use of counterfeit drugs in the society in which they live in. If a consumer walks into a drug store and wants to buy an anti-malarial drug, the pharmacist hands it over to them. The next step is for that pharmacist or health professional on duty to notify the consumer about the importance of verifying their drug before consumption. That way, the consumer is aware of the possibility of counterfeit versions of that drug and would always ask to scratch a label before purchasing. They are also subconsciously aware of the solution that exists to combat this problem. Which then makes them inform that family and friends and the chain of awareness is created.

How have you been creating awareness in your community about the dangers of counterfeit drugs?

How to get products off the shelf

The number one question that companies ask the marketing and sales department is "How to get products off the shelf?" This question translates into how do we improve our sales performance and generate revenue for the company? If your company is facing this, you are not alone. For countries in subsaharan Africa, this is a pressing question especially because of the tough economic situations they are facing. Prices of goods have gone up due to the unstable economy and consumers are bearing the brunt of this situation. How do you convince a consumer that was not loyal to your brand initially to switch to your product in these turbulent times? Especially if they do not consider your product a necessity in their lives? Here are some interesting tactics to improve sales performance of your products.

How to get products off the shelf

Play on consumer's current needs

Emphasize the benefits of the products you are offering, how it solves their problems and helps them reduce cost. This can be done through a campaign where you highlight what you feel your consumers are more likely to respond to. Creativity plays a key role in executing this type of campaign as consumers are money conscious at this point.

Offer Incentives

Yes, the consumer may not be a current user of your products but you can offer incentives to lure them to use your products. Some companies provide bundle packages just to increase sales of their products. They find a complementary product to their brand, partner with the brand owner and run a unique promotion campaign offering the consumer more of an incentive to purchase their product.

Focus on keeping your customer for life

These new consumers have now purchased your product but what are you doing to stay in constant contact with them? How are you engaging them so your brand stays top of mind for them? For example; if you run a Sproxil Champion promo campaign for your customers, they scratch to verify the genuineness of their product and also stand a chance to win a gift, their information is stored in the Sproxil backend and you can engage your consumers long after the promotion is over. You can provide tips, offer discounts to consumers that have purchased and verified multiple times etc. This is more effective in constantly getting your products off the shelf because you have built a stronger relationship with your consumer.

The stronger bond you build with your customer, the more loyal they remain to you and the more products they buy from your brand which removes them from shelves and results in profits for your organization. Contact us to discuss other creative strategies you can use to run a campaign that would get your products off the shelf.

how to get products off the shelf

World Malaria Day 2016

"We have a dream that one day we would end malaria for good."

Another World Malaria Day has come and a theme has been set to "end malaria for good." While this theme is very appropriate for this year given all the achievements made, we all still need to be more proactive in making it happen so this goal does not fall under the wishful thinking category. Malaria is a disease that has plagued different parts of the world for far too long and is proving stubborn to leave.

There has however been strength in numbers which is the reason why the fight against malaria has progressed to the point that it currently is at. Partnerships, collaborations and valuable investments have been made towards fighting this plague which has resulted in a 60 percent decrease in malaria mortality in the last 15 years. [World Malaria Day website]

Private-Public Partnerships have played a key role in making this happen. Awareness about the disease has been generated, preventive health methods have been communicated, drugs have been made available and technology has played a role in protecting these drugs from counterfeiting. Great progress has been made but we have to build on existing efforts and step up our activities. More awareness needs to be created on preventive methods, authentic drug supply needs to increase as well. Collaborations across other industries that could potentially offer a helping hand to eradicate this disease need to be explored. We need to keep fighting to build on the work that has been done and look for ways to improve our activities. With the right partnerships, we can turn our dream of ending malaria into a reality.

What ideas do you have to fight this plague that is Malaria? Share them with us in the comments and let us collaborate to fight this disease.

world malaria day 2016

Effects of Supply Chain Vulnerability

Supply chain vulnerability is an issue plaguing many businesses in today's world. Some have figured out some creative solutions to their problems and some are still loosing valuable business because of how vulnerable their supply chains are. What is supply chain vulnerability anyway? It is the point of weakness in your supply chain network that causes your business to decline in growth due to inefficient business operations. Supply chain vulnerability results in issues like theft, illegal product diversion, fraudulent activities and parallel importation of your products. These issues affect the way your business is likely to operate going forward. Some effects are seen immediately and some are long-term. Here are some issues they may result when your supply chain is compromised.

Effects of Supply Chain Vulnerability

  • Prevent Lower sales growth
  • Prevent Growth in Cost
  • Prevent Reduced operating income
  • Prevent brand image erosion

Sales Growth 

When products are stolen from your supply chain, it may or may not impact your business immediately because depending on the volumes you are handling, some theft is easier to write off as defected products. When the theft is consistent over a period of time with varying amounts, it affects the estimated growth of sales the company was anticipating and therefore stifles the company's growth.

Cost Growth

The higher the theft rate, the higher your cost rate. The cost your company uses to purchase raw materials will not match the bottom line because products are being stolen consistently. Therefore the lack of traceability within your supply chain will cost you more.

Reduced Operating Income

This ties in to the previous points on sales growth and cost growth. The income expected due to business operations is reduced as a result of a defect in your supply chain.

Brand Image

If your business is not efficient at meeting your consumers needs then this reflects on your overall brand. This can be caused by an inefficient supply chain. If products are being diverted and the accounted for demand is not matching the supply, then it creates problems in your operations.

There have been many technological solutions developed to handle this issue for companies of all sizes. Track and Trace solutions being the most popular of them. Sproxil has a product called the Sproxil Informer, which helps businesses optimize their current supply chains. This is done by helping brands secure and monitor their global supply chains, from the manufacturer through the warehouse to the retailer and all points in-between, with optional consumer engagement to provide true end-to-end security.

To learn more, contact us at

supply chain vulnerability

Corruption and Counterfeiting

"Substandard goods are filtering into the country! Counterfeit goods are endangering lives daily! Deaths as a result of fake anti malarial drugs are on the rise" These are all headlines that have been gracing the pages of newspapers and screens of news reports in emerging markets and even some developed markets. The prevalence of counterfeiting is on the rise and corruption is playing a huge role in this increase. Corruption and counterfeiting go hand in hand in the sense that the basis and the idea of counterfeiting comes from a corrupt state of mind, corrupt values, corrupt way of doing business amongst other things.

Levels of Corruption and Counterfeiting


The individual that chooses to make corrupt decisions to produce counterfeit products is a principal factor in the eco system. The individuals decide to make these products for personal financial gain by destroying the lives of their fellow individuals. Some may argue that if they make fake bags and shoes in comparison to the original, they are not harmful to the person's health. They are however financially hurting the individual especially when they were deceived that they were getting an expensive product from the original manufacturers.


The economy also plays a part in encouraging counterfeiting. No individual should be moved by hardship to start a business that harms others. However, some may argue that due to the harsh economic times, they resorted to easier ways to make money. These methods may not necessarily be easier as they still require efforts but they leverage on the existing brand names to push their substandard goods into the market. In some emerging markets where corruption is prevalent, there is also a high penetration rate of counterfeit goods.

Government Officials

When goods are shipped into a country, the government officials at the borders are responsible for ensuring that only original and quality products are allowed into the country. The consumables need to be tested, research of the logistics of those products need to be researched and fake products intercepted. Sometimes, this is not the case. Government officials are sometimes bribed to allow those goods filter through the markets. The rewards from these deals may seem more attractive to them due to harsh economic conditions and also the values of the individual are compromised.

From the few areas discussed, it is clear that based on human behavior and circumstances surrounding them, they are more likely to make less than desirable decisions that may end up affecting thousands or even millions of people because of corrupt desires. While this is a harder problem to solve, technology helps to filter through human behaviors.

Once brands agree on implementing technology into their overall supply chain, they can weed out human error and possibly corruption from their supply chain. The products leave their original location, companies track them even through customs to the retailers and even to the intended consumer. The consumers scratch the labels on the products to verify they have purchased an original product and they consume safe products. One of such technologies that can help with this issue is the Sproxil Informer. The Sproxil Informer is a robust track and trace system that helps brands secure and monitor their global supply chains, from the manufacturer through the warehouse to the retailer and all points in-between, with optional consumer engagement to provide true end-to-end security.

Sproxil Informer

track and trace technology corruption and counterfeiting

What other ways can corruption be linked to counterfeiting?

4 Basic Customer Expectations of your Brand

Customer expectations have evolved in more recent years. The more educated your customer is, the more expectations they have of your brand. Companies no longer have the luxury of hiding behind a generic brand message. They can no longer over promise, under deliver and not face the consequences of their actions. Consumers are reading, cross checking and peer reviewing so it is only natural that their level of expectations are more sophisticated than before. How do brands catch up? How does your brand know what customer expectations are?

4 Basic Customer Expectations

  • Transparency What you have is what you should sell. No matter what your competitors are selling, do not try to over promise and under deliver. It backfires on your brand. Clearly state your accurate delivery dates, be transparent about the amount of products you have available to avoid running out of stock. This creates a culture of trust with you and your customers. It builds a base of loyal customers who will always support your brand and defend it when necessary.
  • Personalization Don't you hate it when you get a very generic message that seems like it was forwarded to a million people without you in mind? That is exactly how your customers feel. If you run a Sproxil Champion campaign for your brand, it is important that when reaching out to these customers again, you send relevant messaging. You may not be able to gather everyone's name but there should be a common theme with the group of people you are sending information out to. Targeted messaging is the new way to market in today's world.

customer expectations sproxil

  • Flexibility As a brand, you may sometimes need to consider flexibility over efficiency when dealing with customers. Customers expect efficiency in all your processes yes! but they also expect that you may customize your processes to fit their needs. This still ties into personalization. Your brand must be flexible enough to handle their demands as they come up with reasonable dealings.
  • Light but Constant Contact Customers will never tell you that they want to constantly hear from you. They however do. It may not be in an aggressive way but in subtle non-intrusive ways. As long as the information you intend to provide is relevant, you should engage with customers beyond the point of purchase. This would also be a great medium to inform people of updates to your products and services. These light contact points also translate to increase in sales as you stay top of mind with your consumers. Bi-weekly text messages containing useful tips sent through the Sproxil Champion platform is an example of how to stay in touch. You can also target them through social media.

scratch text and win promotions

Customer expectations are increasing these days and Sproxil is listening and assisting businesses implement these expectations in their business processes. Talk to us and let us work with you to take your business processes to the next level.

Sproxil to combat counterfeit drugs in Pakistan

If you have been paying attention to the news, you would have noticed the growing problem of the market of counterfeit drugs in Pakistan. The issue is a complex one as it involves several layers of corruption. These layers range from the lucrative industry of the actual counterfeit drugs to the fake dentists and doctors that prescribe and sell these drugs to the unsuspecting individuals. [Source: Al Jazeera] In 2012, Sproxil wrote a blog post that talked about the issues of substandard drugs in Pakistan. There was a case of counterfeit cardiac medication being dispensed that led to hundreds of casualties in Pakistan.  Fast forward to 2015, and Sproxil launched operations in Pakistan in response to the growing demand of consumers who wanted assurance that the products they purchased were genuine.

Recently, Sproxil has taken even more strides to connect with key stakeholders in Pakistan and one of such recent meetings was with Imran Khan. Imran Khan is a Pakistani Politician who is also a philanthropist, a cricket commentator amongst other things. In 2012, he was ranked the third on the list of the top nine world leaders by Global Post. He has also received prestigious awards from the Asia Society, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Asian Sports Awards and a host of others.

Imran Khan Sproxil Pakistan

With the discussions had with Imran Khan, we hope to expand our presence in Pakistan to key organizations that need our services so we can work together to eradicate Counterfeit drugs in Pakistan. We also hope to work with the appropriate authorities to minimize the level of corruption in the system through the technology that we have. If you live in Pakistan, look out for the Sproxil labels on your pharmaceutical products and be sure to scratch, text and verify the product you are about to consume to prevent counterfeiting.


Imran Khan counterfeit drugs in pakistan

If you have questions or concerns or would like to reach us to protect your products, contact us using the methods below.

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Can Technology enhance your Supply Chain Management?

How do you improve productivity and simplify supply chain management in today's world? The simple answer is technology. The complex answer is the method of technology application. Supply chain management involves effectively coordinating a network of people and processes. This ensures that the product travels from the manufacturer to the end user for who it was intended. If the process is disrupted through theft, inefficient management of resources and even lack of productivity, this causes problems for the company. The bottom line is disrupted, consumers lose trust and human resources in that economy are affected. If your company is facing issues of theft, productivity and efficient processes in it's supply chain, the time to start exploring technological solutions to this problem is now. These days, consumers are more aware and educated in general about their purchases. Logistics companies have made this process more transparent. They have streamlined the serialization process which enables consumers track their orders. This improves communication from the retailer to the consumer and overall the communication across the supply chain.

Three ways Technology can improve supply chain management

Information management improves

From the manufacturers to the end consumers, everyone has adequate information about what is going on with their orders. In the case of counterfeit products, using the Sproxil Informer, manufacturers are able to decipher when their products have been stolen. They can also detect when counterfeiters are intercepting their supply chain.

Provides Insight

This information gathered as raw data can be analyzed for future processes. For example, If it takes three weeks to deliver to a new location due to regulation, this information is harnessed by the supply chain manager. This enables them plan ahead for the next order to that location.


Depending on the country your business operates, there are serialization laws you must comply with. Serialization technology not only allows for flexible tracking, information management and insights but also compliance with regulatory bodies.

technology enhance supply chain management

Technology collects valuable market data that can be analyzed to drive marketing strategies, target consumers based on purchasing trends, and monitor any instances of counterfeiting or theft in addition to things mentioned above. The Sproxil Informer is an easy technology to integrate into your current supply chain with it's amazing features. Contact Us for more details about it.

The 4R's of Data in Loyalty Marketing

Big data, small data, loyalty marketing, consumer engagement are all the talk of any serious marketing department. If you are wondering how this all translates in the grand scheme of things, wonder no more. These buzzwords are here to stay because the world is migrating to the data age. Whether big or small, data is vital in effective marketing. If you have an instagram account, you would have realized by now that with every other five pictures or so, there is an ad. There is also a very highly unlikely fact that you would have engaged with that ad. The reason is because there was little or no relevance to you. This is where data comes in. When instagram starts re-targeting their ad with data accumulated, their ads would become effective. Why is that? Consumers are more likely to relate with information they already know or have been searching for in recent times.

When Facebook collects our data (big or small) it helps them retarget the types of ads we get. For example, if I send a message to a friend talking about buying a new laptop, Facebook mines that information (data) and shows me ads of people selling laptops or related content. I would then be more likely to engage with that ad and maybe even proceed to purchase a new laptop because of that ad.

Bringing it back to loyalty marketing, consumer engagement based on familiar content is more effective and this familiar content information can be derived from data mined from consumers. The 4R's of data in Loyalty marketing are Right Medium, Right Time, Right Offer, Right People.

4Rs of data in loyalty marketing

4R's of Data in Loyalty Marketing

Right Medium

Whether it is through traditional or digital medium, data helps you understand how your customers prefer to receive communication materials from you. Data also helps you decipher the most effective channels to reach them without them necessarily expressing it.

right medium

Right Time

Data enables you study patterns on times your customers engage with your brand the most. It could be times of the day, months in the year and peak seasons in the year. For example, if your customers shop for excess salt during holiday periods during the year, that would be the best time to run a promo. That insight comes from the data you have gathered and studied.

right time

Right Offer

This ties into all that has been mentioned above. The right offer also comes from quality insights from your data gathered. For example, if a business employs the Sproxil Champion product to run a campaign around their body lotion products, offering your consumers a discount on an extra lotion during the dry seasons is the best offer at that time for them. This increases sales for the company and sensitizes the customer.

right offer

Right People

While companies are always looking to increase sales and market share, it is also important that you acquire quality customers. The ideal customer is the one that would help you market your business in the absence of marketing material from you. For them to do that, they should have a great positive experience with your brand. For that to happen, the company needs to engage with them providing the right offer through the right medium at the right time. This comes from studying the insights you have gathered about them in the past and employing creative strategies to engage them.

right people

Technology enables companies achieve these goals and use data to create more focused messaging to engage consumers effectively. Thereby improving the bottom line, increasing market share and growing as a company. Looking for an effective loyalty marketing solution for your business, do not hesitate to contact us and let us discuss creative options for your brand.

Three Benefits of a Scratch, Text and Win Promotion

Scratch, Text and Win promotions have fast gained popularity in the corporate marketing world. With dwindling sales and bad economic conditions, companies are getting creative in how they increase sales, increase bottom line and constantly engage their consumers. Scratch text and win promotions have become a proven concept in loyalty marketing and companies are looking to incorporate this into their marketing mix. Before jumping on any bandwagon, you need to understand why it has been done, are there any examples of success stories? These are necessary questions to evaluate before you stick a scratch label on your product. Here are three reasons why Scratch, text and win promotions work.

Benefits of Scratch, Text and Win Promotions

Consumer Emotions

Consumers are known to make purchase decisions based on logic and emotions. If your product is a logical factor in their lives, they will buy it. if your campaign appeals to their emotions, they will also buy your product. Scratch, Text and Win campaigns play on the emotions of the consumer. For example, if you are selling baby products and you run a campaign for mothers to win a year's worth of diaper supply, you are appealing to all kinds of emotions with that mother. They will likely purchase several products to increase their chances of winning a year's worth of diaper supply as that is a major expense in her baby budget.


If you have been paying attention to marketing discourse in recent times, you would have seen the term gamification appear. This simply means turning projects into games. In this case, marketing promotions are turned into games. The appeal of a game is higher for consumers as it creates suspense and a high level of excitement at the possibility that they might win. This keeps them coming back to purchase more to increase their chances of winning.

scratch text and win promotions sproxil

Data Collection

In this day and age of severe counterfeiting efforts, companies are looking for creative strategies to protect themselves. If you run a Sproxil Champion promo that enables you collect data about your consumer, you are likely to run more informed and targeted campaigns for them. This Sproxil Champion promo also helps the consumer verify the product as genuine, which eliminates counterfeiting from your supply chain and it becomes a win-win for everyone.

scratch, text and win promotions

To learn about more benefits contact us at to discuss other creative promotion ideas.

Six years later at Sproxil Nigeria

Andy Stanley said "Leadership is all about taking people on a journey. The challenge is that most of the time, we are asking people to follow us to places we ourselves have never been." This quote reads true for us at Sproxil Nigeria. In February 2nd 2010, Sproxil Nigeria signed a deal to launch a Mobile Authentication System. This system was designed to combat the problem of counterfeit drugs in Nigeria. This technology is installed through a label attached to the packaging of the drugs. Consumers scratch the panel on the label and text a unique identifier to a short code and the drug is verified as genuine or fake.

This was and still is the value proposition Sproxil came armed with as we penetrated a market that was not explored. The unknown was frightening given the previous lessons learned from the initial pilot idea of solutions for organic foods. This did not deter us as a company as the spirit of excellence and resilience has been imbibed into our core. Sproxil, through the leadership of Ashifi Gogo and a strong team, explored creative ways to take the plunge into the unknown regardless of the risks ahead.

Our strategic partnership approach was one of the best decisions we made as a company. Sproxil has always carefully selected partners to work with to move the vision forward. From NGOs to Private Organizations to Governmental Organizations, each partner has been instrumental in the success of Sproxil Nigeria. Governmental agencies like NAFDAC under the leadership of Dr Paul Orhiri helped make the transition into the unknown a smoother process. The localization of a global brand became a possibility through these key stakeholders. Six years later, we would like to say Thank you to everyone for believing in us. Thank you to everyone for helping us get to 12 million plus Nigerian verifications using the Sproxil label. Without your help, we would not have been able to explore the unknown with ease.

As we look forward to continually expanding the brand;

  • We hope to innovate upon the ideas we have.
  • Explore new markets and industries.
  • Strengthen our strategic partnership approach at Sproxil Nigeria under the leadership of our Managing Director, Chinedum Chijioke and the strong team we have at Sproxil Nigeria.

Congratulations to everyone as we all made this possible!

nafdac mas launch with Sproxil nigeria sproxil 6 year anniversary with nafdac

Sproxil's New Management Team

Happy New Year from Sproxil! Sproxil has some exciting changes for the upcoming year, and in this post, we would like to highlight our new Management Team. After six years of work as our CFO and Strategist, Alden Zecha has taken an academic position at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. For the next year, Alden will be the first Executive-in-Residence at their Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE). As the Executive-in-Residence, Alden will be mentoring Fuqua students and contributing to CASE initiatives. You can watch his CASE Chat on trends in social entrepreneurship, scaling, and the significance of relationships with investors here. Alden will still remain with Sproxil as one of our Directors.

Sproxil’s new Management Team consists of six managers with diverse backgrounds, including experience in government, technology, big business, and small business.

ashifi gogo sproxil management team

Ashifi Gogo founded Sproxil in 2009 and serves as our CEO. As a result of Ashifi’s leadership, Sproxil developed its award-winning Sproxil Defender™ technology that consumers use around the world to verify product authenticity.


Laurence Huntley is Sproxil’s Vice President of Global Growth, overseeing our expansion efforts, identifying reseller relationships and managing growth goals around the world.


Jennifer Campos is our Director of Service Innovation, which includes directing global operations, designing and developing new service offerings, enhancing implementation options, ensuring client satisfaction and championing quality assurance.


Christopher Chase is Sproxil’s Software Engineer, managing Sproxil’s cloud architecture, information security management systems, developing security and verification software and overseeing technical projects.


Gregory Lavoie is our Global Finance Director, responsible for all accounting and finance functions at Sproxil, Inc. and directing a global finance team for Sproxil’s subsidiaries around the world.

charles zamora






Charles Zamora is Sproxil’s Director of Global Talent and Administration, which includes overseeing our corporate talent and administrative matters in the U.S. and providing support across all of our operating countries.

To learn more about our Management Team, Directors, and Advisors, click here.

10 things to know about the Zika Virus

If you have been following the news, details about the Zika virus seems to be recurring at every hour on various news channels. In addition to the Lassa fever updates, the reports about the Zika Virus are also spreading like wild fire. What is this Zika Virus anyway? It is a virus that is spread to people through mosquito bites. In addition to malaria and dengue, certain mosquitoes now carry a virus that causes symptoms that may be considered mild. This is due to the fact that hospitalization from Zika because of the severity of the symptoms have been uncommon so far. The most prevalent symptoms of the Zika virus are fever, pains in the joints, conjunctivitis and rashes.

The symptoms usually appear mild and last from several days to about a week. We have listed 10 facts about the Zika Virus that you should be aware of.

10 things to know about the Zika Virus

  1. 1 in 5 people who are infected with the Zika Virus actually become sick.
  2. The Zika virus is transmitted to people through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito. This mosquito is also responsible for diseases like chikungunya and dengue
  3. The disease is not fatal but poses a risk to pregnant women’s fetuses. It also affects anyone living in the area that has not been exposed to the virus before.
  4. No vaccine or medications are available yet to prevent or treat the Zika disease.
  5. The Zika virus has not been confirmed that it can be passed directly from person to person through fluids. So far it can only be transmitted through the mosquito that carries it.
  6. May 2015 in Brazil confirmed reports of the virus transmission in the northeast part of the country.
  7. The Zika virus symptoms usually begin between 2 to 7 days after being bitten by the infected mosquito.
  8. As a great measure to protect yourself, avoid traveling to countries that the outbreak has been reported. If you have to, use repellants and avoid areas and times where mosquitoes may roam.
  9. The virus is linked to Microcephaly in infants which means infants are born with smaller heads. This means there is a high possibility that their brain development would be stunted.
  10. A Vaccine is currently being developed to curb the spread of this disease.

It is important to stay informed about these diseases and when vaccines are developed. It is also important for pharmaceutical companies that would produce the vaccines to protect these products from counterfeiting. No matter how well intentioned pharmaceutical companies are, they must be aware that counterfeiters always look for creative ways to boost their own bottom line. If you are a pharmaceutical company that would need protection of your products when the vaccines are developed, Sproxil will always be here to help secure your products throughout the supply chain from the factory to the consumer.


Sexual transmission of Zika Virus has been confirmed