Highlights 2014: Over 70 Innovations Improving Health for the World’s Poor

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Download Highlights: Findings From 2014 here

2014 was a year of surprising new challenges, but also one in which we gained ground in surmounting long-lasting health issues in primary care and treating people in remote populations.

We looked on heartbroken as Ebola ravaged West Africa’s health systems, seemingly destroying the hope and recent progress on health outcomes. Health innovators searched for effective ways to respond, finding hope in programs and products working to stop new infections and combat the effects of the disease on poor communities. In Nigeria, we witnessed a success story; the mobile application used by eHealth Africa, originally designed to track and prevent polio, was instrumental in contact tracing Ebola, decreasing reporting times for new cases by 75%. Many analysts have pinpointed contact tracing as a major asset in Nigeria’s ability to eradicate Ebola.

By identifying programs such as eHealth Africa, analyzing their impact, and connecting them to potential partners, funders, and interested researchers, the Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI) supports the diffusion of promising practices working to ensure better health care for the poor. CHMI provides information about over 1,400 such programs around the world.

Highlights: Findings From 2014 identifies healthcare programs, policies, and practices, documents and analyzes promising practices, and spotlights programs with potential for scale up and adaptation within and across borders. Read about more than 70 programs working to make quality healthcare delivered by innovators affordable and accessible to the world’s poor.

Key insights from Highlights: Findings From 2014 include:

  • CHMI is now proud to present improved profiles for over 1,400 innovative health programs in more than 130 countries around the world.
  • 85 programs have reported 148 new examples of scaling up in 2014, including offering a wider range of services, replicating their programs in new countries, adding more facilities, and increasing the number of people served.
  • Health programs in rapidly changing health markets are improving and expanding access to quality care. Read about the innovation landscape  in the Philippines, Nigeria, and Pakistan
  • More programs are reporting promising results with the integration of technology and mHealth platforms into Maternal and Child Health. In Mali, Djantoli community health workers have used mHealth to help track and prevent disease among over 3,500 children since 2010.
  • New research on the Indian pharmacy Medplus shows the market-wide impacts of entry by the retail pharmacy chain on drug quality and prices of entry in Hydrabad. Other private pharmacy chains show evidence of increasing quality and reducing prices of medicines through partnerships with drug companies, ensuring protection for the poor.
  • The CHMI Reported Results initiative is ensuring that innovators gain access to information on “what works.” The 1,170 results reported by CHMI-profiled programs include improvements in health outcomes, affordability, and population coverage.
  • Furthering our network’s knowledge of what works, new research previews include lessons learned by members of the CHMI Primary Care Learning Collaborative, results from the Rapid Routes to Scale  review of over 450 primary care programs, and indications for innovative ways to empower women by investing in certain health business models.
  • A new system to increase visibility for programs with completed, up-to-date profiles and monitoring & evaluation systems in place will help CHMI present promising innovations. Read more about CHMI Plus, and learn how this new system spotlights health organizations that are focused on measuring and reporting their impact.


Read CHMI’s Highlights: Findings From 2014 to learn more about 71 pro-poor innovations improving healthcare around the world.

Sproxil’s Ashifi Gogo Presenting at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting


Sproxil’s Ashifi Gogo Presenting at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Social Entrepreneur Recipient Examines Business Role In Addressing Societal Issues


Cambridge, Mass. (January 19, 2015) – Sproxil®, Inc., a leading provider of world-class brand protection, is proud to announce Founder and CEO Ashifi Gogo has been selected to present at the 45th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland this week.  Dr. Gogo will be one of five featured speakers in the highly anticipated Open Forum Session “Should Business Lead the Social Agenda” slated for Friday, January 23, 18:30 – 20:00.   The prestigious invitation to participate in the Annual Meeting is due in part to the Schwab Foundation recognizing Dr. Gogo as one of 37 recipients of the 2014 Social Entrepreneur of the Year honor.

According to the Meeting syllabus, the Open Forum Dr. Gogo is participating in examines how Businesses play an increasingly important role in the global system, and face growing pressure from millennial consumers and employees to align core operations with social impact. Can businesses help to find a solution to global challenges, and should these challenges really be tackled by businesses?”

Dr. Gogo is the primary inventor of Sproxil’s flagship solution, Mobile Product Authentication™ (MPA™), which allows consumers to verify that products they buy are genuine by using a mobile phone and a simple, free text message. The solution uses a scratch card method, similar to that used for replenishing cellular talk-time. This allows users to reveal a one-time-use code on products and text the code to a call center phone number. A response is dispatched from Sproxil, indicating whether the product is genuine, potentially fake, or stolen.

Leading pharmaceutical companies, such as Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Serono, IPCA as well as regulatory organizations in the emerging markets of Africa and India have been leveraging the MPA solution to protect consumers from taking potentially harmful counterfeit and substandard medications since the company launched in 2009.  To date, the MPA solution has been used more than 14 million times to verify that products are genuine.

The MPA solution can be used to verify any tangible item, and Sproxil’s solution is currently being implemented and used for products across multiple industries including skin care, supplements and vitamins, electrical cabling, automotive and motorcycle parts and agro-business, to name a few.

Over 40 heads of state and government, as well as 2,500 other leaders from business and society will convene at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting to discuss The New Global Context.

“It’s an honor to be invited to participate in the Open Forum discussion about the critical role businesses play in the Social Agenda, as well as being recognized as a Social Entrepreneur, joining a list of recipients that are dedicated to making positive, powerful differences in the world,” states Dr. Gogo. “It not only recognizes Sproxil’s work to combat counterfeit products, but also helps us gain recognition beyond the countries we currently operate in, so we can have a greater impact in regions most vulnerable to counterfeiting.”

“Each year the Davos Meeting brings together top political and business leaders from around the world to address critical global challenges. I am honored to join the dialogue,” he continued.

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Jeff Loucks, PR Manager, Sproxil


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A Farewell to 2014

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December is a good time to reflect on all of the positive achievements accomplished during the year. From winning the Schwab Foundation’s Entrepreneur of the Year award to becoming ISO-27001 and ISO-9001 certified, 2014 was quite busy.

We’ve also welcomed a new group of passionate, hard-working people to our global family this year. With our team quickly growing, we learned a lot about having good teamwork, maintaining positive dynamics, and fostering productive relationships.

Our Cambridge (U.S.) team took what we’ve learned and went candlepin bowling.

Why bowling? It really wasn’t about what kind of activity we did, but that we played as a team (and had some healthy competition!). We recognize that teams are much more productive when they share a bond beyond the conference room walls. And quite frankly, with all of the exciting developments we’re working on, the short break was well-deserved.

As 2014 comes to a close, we emphasize the collaboration and hard work that brought us to where we are now. We look forward to 2015 with a lot of promise and more exciting news to come!

See you next year!

– The Sproxil team

— More pictures of Sproxil’s team going pro —

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Kenya’s PCPB and AAK officially launch with Juanco and Sproxil to protect farmers

As a part of the greater anti-counterfeiting efforts by Kenya’s PCPB and AAK, Sproxil Kenya partner Juanco SPS officially launches a consumer-facing project that safeguards their top-notch pesticide Bestox 100EC with our award-winning Mobile Product Authentication (MPA) technology. By helping farmers get assurance that their pesticides are the original product, they can protect their crops and their livelihood.

The solution soft-launched recently with over 3,000 farmers already using it to verify their Juanco products.

The official launch event, which takes place today, includes esteemed attendees such as the Cabinet Secretary of Agriculture.

Thank you to the organizers and attendees of the event. We look forward to many more successes in the Kenyan market and beyond!

AAK-PCPB Sproxil ad 2014-07-09

Interested in how Sproxil can help protect your consumers? Email us at team@sproxil.com!


Fight the Fakes in India

### UPDATE 2014-11-15 ###

Rat poison  (zinc phosphide) found in counterfeit antibiotic Ciprocin, linked to at least 15 India sterilization deaths.


(original post 2014-11-13)

Every story about the negative impact of counterfeit drugs further confirms the increasingly urgent need to address the global issue.

Recently, thirteen women in India had died after sterilization surgery at a family planning camp, possibly due to tainted or substandard drugs. While full investigations pertaining to the incident and the drugs are still underway, the story highlights the serious and fatal impact that counterfeit drug use could play.

Education on dangerous counterfeit drugs is just one of the many critical steps needed to support consumer safety efforts. To further our commitment to education, we joined Fight the Fakes campaign to help raise awareness so that we can protect patients from unnecessary tragedy.

Now it is your turn: Equip yourself with knowledge; learn about why it’s important for policy makers, doctors, health care professionals, media, and patients to raise up arms against the global threat. Learn more about Sproxil’s tool to combat counterfeiting – Mobile Product Authentication™ (MPA™) – by reading about SMS verification and its impact.

From government to manufacturer to consumer, combatting fake drugs is everyone’s fight.

Sproxil, Inc. Now Officially ISO Certified!


Sproxil Earns International Standards for Quality Management
and ISMS Certifications 

Completes ISO27001 and ISO9001 International Standard Requirements

Cambridge, Mass. (October 22, 2014) – Sproxil®, a leading provider of world-class brand protection and mobile marketing services, announces its Cambridge headquarters has earned the International Standards for quality management systems and Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) certifications. Sproxil successfully completed comprehensive assessments of the Company’s quality processes and management systems, information security, and continual improvement processes for ISO9001 and ISO27001.

The certifications highlight Sproxil’s ability to meet clients various and specific needs and strengthens the integrity of the company’s solution suite, including the company’s flagship, award-winning Mobile Product Authentication™ technology.

“Becoming ISO certified further solidifies our position as the global leader in mobile-based product protection technology and demonstrates commitment to our clients,” states Vivian Tang, Business Operations Coordinator of Sproxil who led the certification process. “The certifications demonstrate that our continual improvement processes and data security measures meet both strict global standards and our internal standards of success.”

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world’s largest developer of International Standards for businesses. Accepted as the worldwide standard that defines quality, ISO9001 certification is granted to companies who have developed a process approach to implementing and improving the effectiveness of a quality management system in order to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements.  ISO27001, considered the most stringent certification for information security controls, is focused on adoption of a process approach for information security systems and their management.







About Sproxil

Sproxil uses mobile technology to combat counterfeiting and increase brand equity with innovative, consumer-focused product protection and targeted marketing solutions. Its flagship Mobile Product Authentication™(MPA™) solution helps ensure goods are not counterfeit or compromised, empowering consumers to verify product genuineness by SMS, mobile app, web, or voice. Compatible with any tangible item, MPA is widely used by leading pharmaceutical companies to curb the multi-billion dollar counterfeit drug industry. MPA protects products across more than ten industries, including personal care, automotive aftermarket parts and electrical cables. Sproxil’s mobile marketing and consumer loyalty services help brand owners increase consumer loyalty and differentiate themselves from competitors.


The company has been recognized globally for its efforts against counterfeiting and is endorsed by regulatory bodies in Nigeria and Kenya. Sproxil received the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 2013 Patents for Humanity Award in Information Technology, the 2010 IBM SmartCamp Boston Award and the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative Outstanding Commitment Award. In 2013, Sproxil was named the most innovative company in health care and #7 overall by Fast Company Magazine. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, Sproxil has operations in India, Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria, with the ability to execute projects on six major continents.


For more information and a full list of Sproxil’s solution suite, please visit www.sproxil.com.




Sproxil team participates in Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes

We did it!

In 2010, we launched Nigeria’s first mobile-based drug verification solution with Biofem Pharmaceuticals to protect their Diabetes medicine, Glucophage.

In honor of that turning point in our company’s history, we participated in a charity walk for Diabetes (Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes) this past Saturday, October 18th!

The weather was on our side that day so we did the maximum 3-mile walk around the historic Boston Common. It was very inspiring to hear stories about those affected with the debilitating disease and to learn about the research being done to combat it.
A big thank you to American Diabetes Association, the great team of organizers, and all of those who participated for making this day so special for us!
Interested in learning more about the walk? Go to American Diabetes Association’s Step Out website.

In Memory of Dora Akunyili

It is with heaviness in our hearts that we see the passing of a very close friend and anti-counterfeiting advocate, Dora Akunyili, without whom our company would not be where it is now.

Dora Akunyili. Image from newsrescue.com.

During her time as Director General of NAFDAC, Dora championed the war against fake drugs and dedicated her life to the pursuit of positive change for Nigerian citizens.

She changed the course of Sproxil as well. In what seemed like many years ago, she invited our young and eager team to Nigeria to introduce an innovative solution that would help citizens avoid counterfeit drugs.

Through her successor, Dr. Paul Orhii, who continues the legacy of Dora’s work and in his own right is creating a legacy of his own, we successfully launched our Mobile Product Authentication™ (MPA™) solution in Nigeria and have helped millions of citizens get access to safe drugs.

A burial for Dr. Akunyili, who passed away in June, will be held today, Thursday, August 28th.

Dora, thank you for believing so strongly in the right to good health for every citizen. Thank you for believing so strongly in your vision and ours.

May we come to see your vision fulfilled.

Sproxil with MassChallenge at NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony

We had a really wonderful opportunity to be a part of MassChallenge’s Opening Bell Ceremony at NASDAQ. The organization invited its alum to join them on stage as they rang the NASDAQ opening bell in NYC this morning.

Co-founders Alden Zecha (CFO) and Ashifi Gogo (CEO), representing Sproxil, were able to snap some really great photos in front of the NASDAQ bell as those at Sproxil who couldn’t make eagerly watched the live stream from our desks!

MassChallenge is the world’s largest startup accelerator and competition and the first of its kind to support high-impact, early-stage entrepreneurs with no strings attached. The organization aims to catalyze a global startup renaissance.

Sproxil is a MassChallenge alum from the class of 2010.

We would like to thank MassChallenge for inviting us to share in this incredible experience.

Photos of the event below:

NASDAQ-MC Sproxil Alden 2014

Alden Zecha in front of the NASDAQ bell
NASDAQ-MC Sproxil Ashifi 2014

Ashifi Gogo in front of the NASDAQ bell
NASDAQ Masschallenge

MassChallenge and MassChallenge alum in front of the NASDAQ bell


MassChallenge on the big screen outside of NASDAQ, as seen from inside
Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.30.54 AM

MassChallenge on the big screen outside of NASDAQ, as seen from the live stream