Sproxil team participates in Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes

We did it!

In 2010, we launched Nigeria’s first mobile-based drug verification solution with Biofem Pharmaceuticals to protect their Diabetes medicine, Glucophage.

In honor of that turning point in our company’s history, we participated in a charity walk for Diabetes (Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes) this past Saturday, October 18th!

The weather was on our side that day so we did the maximum 3-mile walk around the historic Boston Common. It was very inspiring to hear stories about those affected with the debilitating disease and to learn about the research being done to combat it.
A big thank you to American Diabetes Association, the great team of organizers, and all of those who participated for making this day so special for us!
Interested in learning more about the walk? Go to American Diabetes Association’s Step Out website.

In Memory of Dora Akunyili

It is with heaviness in our hearts that we see the passing of a very close friend and anti-counterfeiting advocate, Dora Akunyili, without whom our company would not be where it is now.

Dora Akunyili. Image from newsrescue.com.

During her time as Director General of NAFDAC, Dora championed the war against fake drugs and dedicated her life to the pursuit of positive change for Nigerian citizens.

She changed the course of Sproxil as well. In what seemed like many years ago, she invited our young and eager team to Nigeria to introduce an innovative solution that would help citizens avoid counterfeit drugs.

Through her successor, Dr. Paul Orhii, who continues the legacy of Dora’s work and in his own right is creating a legacy of his own, we successfully launched our Mobile Product Authentication™ (MPA™) solution in Nigeria and have helped millions of citizens get access to safe drugs.

A burial for Dr. Akunyili, who passed away in June, will be held today, Thursday, August 28th.

Dora, thank you for believing so strongly in the right to good health for every citizen. Thank you for believing so strongly in your vision and ours.

May we come to see your vision fulfilled.

Sproxil with MassChallenge at NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony

We had a really wonderful opportunity to be a part of MassChallenge’s Opening Bell Ceremony at NASDAQ. The organization invited its alum to join them on stage as they rang the NASDAQ opening bell in NYC this morning.

Co-founders Alden Zecha (CFO) and Ashifi Gogo (CEO), representing Sproxil, were able to snap some really great photos in front of the NASDAQ bell as those at Sproxil who couldn’t make eagerly watched the live stream from our desks!

MassChallenge is the world’s largest startup accelerator and competition and the first of its kind to support high-impact, early-stage entrepreneurs with no strings attached. The organization aims to catalyze a global startup renaissance.

Sproxil is a MassChallenge alum from the class of 2010.

We would like to thank MassChallenge for inviting us to share in this incredible experience.

Photos of the event below:

NASDAQ-MC Sproxil Alden 2014

Alden Zecha in front of the NASDAQ bell
NASDAQ-MC Sproxil Ashifi 2014

Ashifi Gogo in front of the NASDAQ bell
NASDAQ Masschallenge

MassChallenge and MassChallenge alum in front of the NASDAQ bell


MassChallenge on the big screen outside of NASDAQ, as seen from inside
Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.30.54 AM

MassChallenge on the big screen outside of NASDAQ, as seen from the live stream

Genuine Customer Satisfaction: Wilson from Kenya

Wilson is a farmer in Kenya who relies on effective products like Juanco’s Bestox 100EC pesticide for his farm. By using Mobile Product Authentication™ (MPA™) to ensure that products like these are genuine, he can effectively get rid of unwanted bugs and protect his crops.

While he has only used the solution a few times, he said that he can already see the long term positive effects of buying genuine. He believes that farmers like him can use MPA to protect their crops and their livelihood.

Customer Testimonial Wilson 2014-08-12

Genuine Customer Satisfaction: Gabriel from Kenya

Gabriel is an electrician who insists on using only genuine electrical cables. As a professional, he insists that his company do the same. In fact, he makes sure they look for the Mobile Product Authentication™ (MPA™) stick-on label found on East African Cables (EAC) electrical cables so that they can verify the authenticity of their products for free. By using this solution to verify his products, he knows that he can avoid costly and dangerous overheating and fire break outs caused by cheap, fake cables.

Customer Testimonial Gabriel 2014-08-05

Genuine Customer Satisfaction: Peter from Kenya

Today, we meet Peter from Kenya, who, unhappy with seeing the fake versions of East African Cables electrical products in the market, recently learned about a unique way to avoid them and buy only genuine: Sproxil’s Mobile Product Authentication™. By verifying that he buys only real East African Cables products, he can be truly confident of the quality of his electrical goods.
Customer Testimonial Peter 2014-07-29

Genuine Customer Satisfaction: Mercy from Kenya

We’re so excited to publish the fifth post in our Genuine Customer Satisfaction series!

Today, we meet Mercy.  Mercy trusts Juanco’s Bestox 100EC to prevent hungry pests from eating up her vegetables and uses our MPA solution to verify that she buys only original Juanco.

Customer Testimonial Mercy 2014-07-10